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Kitchen renovation in Joncar street of Barcelona

At Grupo Inventia, we have finalized a new kitchen renovation. This time we worked in a house located in Joncar street of Barcelona to completely renew this important space in any home.

In addition to being specialists in house renovations, we also prepare projects for specific spaces in the house, in this case it was a kitchen renovation that can be seen in the next video.

Kitchen distribution

It is a open kitchen in a space that includes the same kitchen and the dining area. For the layout of its new elements, a two frontal distribution was used. At the end of the left, the hook on the wall, the appliances were fitted. These are made up of a refrigerator, an oven and a microwave. The following space is occupied by a closet, so the storage capacity in this kitchen renovation increased considerably.

Just in front of it was a countertop section. On this one they installed an individual sink and a ceramic hob. In addition, it offers a large surface of support and work and can be used as a breakfast bar.

Office space

As we have mentioned, this is a spacious space that could be equipped with a table for several diners. This space can work as a diningroom, for any daily intake, as well as for having a relaxed place in which to receive visits and chat.

Other details of this kitchen renovation are that it has a large entrance of natural light, so that it generates a visually wide and very bright space.

Kitchen renovation in Barcelona

With Grupo Inventia you will be able to enjoy a customized kitchen renovation that will take into account all your needs. Our experts will advise you and you can choose from an extensive catalog of material. Contact us and we will inform you without obligation.