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Modern kitchen styles

21 March, 2024 · Blog

Modern kitchen styles include a wide range of designs that reflect contemporary trends in architecture and interior design. These styles are often characterized by clean lines, modern materials and advanced technology. The kitchen is a vital space in a home and that is why improvements are always being sought.

Modern kitchens are characterized by being functional and keeping everything in a perfect arrangement for use. All this can be accompanied by different decorative styles, as the modern kitchen concept is versatile. Thanks to this feature you can adapt it to your own style. Although the market does not offer a great variety in modern kitchen styles, we will expose the highlights.

cocina sostenible

Contemporary and minimalist styles

The contemporary kitchen style is based on clean lines and geometric shapes but can incorporate a variety of materials and colors. Furniture is often stylish and functional, with polished surfaces and glossy finishes. Neutral colors are common, but touches of more intense color can be added in accessories or details.

On the other hand, modern minimalist style kitchens focus on simplicity and functionality. It is characterized by clean lines, neutral colors and the absence of unnecessary ornaments. Furniture pieces tend to be simple in shape and common materials include stainless steel, glass and smooth surfaces such as quartz.

Industrial style

cocina con ladrillo visto

The modern industrial style kitchen is inspired by the design of old factories and warehouses. Among other elements, the industrial-style kitchen usually includes elements such as exposed brick, exposed metal pipes, high ceilings and concrete floors. Common materials in the modern industrial kitchen include steel, wrought iron and rough wood. Rugged-looking appliances, such as stainless steel stoves and extractor hoods, are typical in this style.

High range and sustainable

The high-end modern kitchen focuses on elegance and luxury, with high-quality materials and sophisticated details. You can include features like natural stone countertops, state-of-the-art appliances, elaborate lighting fixtures, and custom furniture. Colors tend to be neutral or dark tones, and luxury touches such as gold or silver can be added.

On the other hand, modern kitchens can also be ecological and sustainable. This style focuses on the use of environmentally friendly materials and practices. It can include features such as energy-efficient appliances, LED lighting, recycled or reused materials, and integrated waste management systems. The design is usually modern and functional, with a focus on efficiency and resource conservation.

cocina minimalista

These are just a few examples of modern kitchen styles, and many times elements of various styles are combined to create a unique and personalized space. The key is to find a style that suits your personal tastes and functional needs.