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New house renovation in Rubí

This same week we have completed a new house renovation in Rubí, a town near the city of Barcelona. In this work of rehabilitation of housing Grupo Inventia was responsible for renovating the interior spaces of the livingroom, bedrooms and corridors as well as equip the bathroom completely.

In the next video you can see the general finishes of this house renovation. Also, we detail the most important aspects of this house renovation in Rubí below.

Cozy atmosphere

For the livingroom and bedrooms, he opted to modernize the interior design by applying a contemporary style. In this case, the walls were painted in ocher color and combined with a wooden floor in medium wooden tones.

Thanks to the fact that most rooms have a natural light entrance, a warm and cozy atmosphere is achieved. In addition, all the spaces generate a feeling of greater visual amplitude, something very beneficial when it comes to living both in day to day and in moments of relaxation.

Bathroom renovation

Within this house renovation in Rubí a complete bathroom renovation was carried out. The room has a perfect image and has the necessary equipment to offer the best features in its use. It consists of a basin with storage furniture, a toilet and a square shower plate protected with sliding door screens.

For the new image, a total tiled wall tiled with gray tiles, with the exception of the washbasin wall, was placed in which tile mosaic tiles were placed. These colors allow the use of other finishes, such as those of wood that are found in the washbasin cabinet.

House renovation in Rubí

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