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New kitchen renovation in Barcelona completed

One of Grupo Inventia’s specialties is kitchen renovations. We carry them out both in Barcelona and nearby and offer a tailor-made project for each client. Our experience in the sector allows us to guarantee the best result, presenting a unique and personalized way of working.

We have now completed a kitchen renovation on Mare de Déude Montserrat street in Barcelona. Based on the tastes and needs of its owners, we have taken care of updating and modernizing all its elements. All our renovations in Barcelona and around have the work of our interior design and construction departments.

The general finishes of this kitchen renovation in Barcelona can be seen in the following video. If you want to know more about our renovation company, follow us on social media, we update them every day! As you can see now this kitchen offers comfort and functionality in its use.

Distribution of kitchen on two fronts

One of the first innovations in this kitchen renovation takes us to the structural part of this space. We have taken care of converting a closed kitchen into an open kitchen and connecting it with the rest of the spaces in the house. From the beginning, the kitchen gains many points of modernity and generates a much more functional distribution that makes the most of the available space.

A two-front kitchen layout has been used that generates more practical space in the kitchen and offers perfect mobility to make use of each element. The right side has opened and marks the space with a kitchen bar. In this way, a larger support surface and an ideal space for breakfast or fast food have been achieved.

New appliances

Just as the layout of the space has changed, this kitchen renovation has also been fully equipped. It now has top brand appliances that guarantee the best performance. The appliances are integrated into the new kitchen furniture (we will talk about it later) so as not to detract from the physical space of the kitchen. In this way the oven is integrated in the lower part of the kitchen cabinet and the microwave does the same in the upper area.

The fridge fits snugly in the far right end of the main kitchen cabinet. In addition, its doors are the same as those of the lower cabinets and drawers and it is camouflaged. In this part of the kitchen the countertop has been placed, which is very elongated and offers a support and work surface in the kitchen. A one-sin sink has been integrated on it and a ceramic hob has been installed.

Modern kitchen design

In the whole of this house renovation in Barcelona is also the work of interior design. As a professional interior design company, we have expert interior designers who advise clients at all times. For this project we have opted for a modern kitchen design using neutral tones.

One of the goals with this decorative style is to create a spacious and bright space that is comfortable to be in. This way the bottom of all the kitchen furniture and the countertop on the left side are white. The top cabinets and the countertop on the right have wood finishes.

The entire pavement has also been changed and one has been placed much more in line with the design that has been applied. Now the new kitchen floor is a ceramic floor that mimics the finish of a parquet floor. This is a very good option visually and practically, as this type of flooring is resistant and durable.

Kitchen renovation budget

The end result of this new kitchen in Barcelona has left us largely satisfied. As a renovation company, we continue to offer quality work at very competitive prices. We adapt to your budget and offer you the best options to get what you want in your kitchen.

We also make your project and budget renovation without any commitment or cost to you. To request it is as simple as calling 93 209 97 17. A Grupo Inventia professional will personally assist you to answer all your concerns and explain our work.