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New kitchen renovation in Mollet del Vallès

At Grupo Inventia we are in charge of carrying out renovations in Barcelona and around. Precisely a new job takes us to a town near the capital. Specifically, we went to Mollet del Vallès to carry out a complete kitchen renovation. This is one of our star services and in 2022 we have already renovated several kitchens.

Therefore, we have undertaken a partial renovation in which all our teams have intervened. The interior design department has developed a project with floor plans and 3D renderings. For their part, the construction team and the technical architect have been responsible for building and installing the new elements. All this has been done based on the tastes and needs expressed to us by the homeowners.

Thanks to our versatility as a renovations company we can adapt to all types of needs. We have a very varied catalog in kitchen renovations and we offer different possibilities for its distribution, equipment and design. Now let’s discuss the details and improvements we have made in this kitchen and you can see the general finishes in the following video.

Distribution and equipment

It is an open concept kitchen that is distributed in a U-shape. From here the new kitchen elements are arranged in functional and tidy locations. The kitchen is ready to guarantee the best features in use from day one. One of the first improvements we see on the left side. A custom-made hole has been arranged to integrate the refrigerator so that it is part of the kitchen as a whole.

Immediately afterwards, the main worktop was born, elongated and with a large support and work surface. It has also been equipped with a very well integrated modern ceramic hob. A big plus in this area is that it has storage capacity in the kitchen at both the bottom and top. This is where the oven and microwave have been integrated respectively.

The countertop twists to the right and gives way to a new section that is located just below the kitchen window. The sink has been integrated into this countertop, which is one-breasted and has a matte black faucet installed. The kitchen space has been made the most of and this countertop is a good example of functionality.

Breakfast bar

As mentioned, it is a U-shaped kitchen, so there is still a third section of countertop to comment on. With this, the support surface in the kitchen is much wider, as it is an elongated and completely smooth worktop. In addition, it has a dual function and is designed to be used as a breakfast bar.

For this to be the case, the countertop protrudes from the base and creates a perfect space for relaxed meals or reading moments. A space has been created that meets various day-to-day demands. For example, in this kitchen bar you can have breakfast or lunch and even use it as a space in which to receive visitors for coffee.

Mediterranean kitchen design

Another of the improvements that have been made in this kitchen renovation is the makeover and the new interior design. As a specialized interior design company we can work with all kinds of decorative styles and adapt them to your needs. For this kitchen ase has opted for a Mediterranean design that fits perfectly with the whole house.

At the beginning the kitchen furniture is white. In this way it is possible to generate a very bright and visually spacious space. For a space of daily use such as the kitchen are two essential features. All this is combined with wood finishes that can be seen both on the countertop and on the wall.

As for the new kitchen floor, an imitation parquet ceramic floor has been chosen. It is a durable surface that can be cleaned with simple wood. In addition, in the visual section it combines perfectly with the wooden countertops and generates a Mediterranean image that has been printed in the kitchen.

Kitchen renovation budget

If you want to renovate your kitchen, contact us by calling 93 209 97 17. Tell us what you would like to have in your kitchen renovation and our professionals will be in charge of preparing your project. It will have 3D designs and a renovation budget tailored to your needs. We will deliver them to you without any commitment.