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House renovation and furniture in Pavia street of Barcelona

In Grupo Inventia we recently completed a building renovation in Barcelona, specifically in the Pavia street. Upon completion of this major project of house renovation and furniture, we are responsible for furnishing each of the homes on the property, as well as enable the public areas and private terraces.

For this, we have looked furniture matching the interior design applied to homes and offer better performance. If each floor had a very complete equipment, now we are ready to move into.

For starters, detailing and house renovation and furniture of the first floor, which present their finishes in the next video.

Livingroom and bedroom

The livingroom is set in an open space but with a well-defined surface. To furnish it, was used in various places sofa, a couple of little tables and TV cabinet. From it you can access the terrace and is delimited by the space that was dedicated to him in the diningroom, furnished with a table for up to several people.

Meanwhile, as the bedroom has a double bed, a pair of bedside tables and a large closet with sliding doors not subtract space in the room when you make use of it. In turn, has various decorative elements that fit perfectly into the interior design in neutral colors to apply the bedroom.

Kitchen and bathroom

Although the kitchen was already renovated and now has all the necessary appliances to offer the best performance. It is an open kitchen and distributed in the form of L, offering a wide support surface and guaranteeing a large organization. The equipment, very complete, has an oven, a dishwasher, a microwave and a refrigerator, plus the hob.

As for the bathroom, the room is complete with various necessary items like soap, towels, etc. When placing them took into account that fits the style of the room, with interiors in neutral colors offering a friendly and welcoming atmosphere.

House renovation and furniture in Barcelona

In addition to better prepare the draft house renovation, also employ the best professionals to carry out the project of furnishing your home. So nothing will move into the completed works. You can find contact us without obligation.