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Integral reform and forniture in Padilla street

A few days ago we presented you finish the integral reform that we finish in a house located in Padilla street of Barcelona and today we want to show what it looks like with the furniture installed, too, Grupo invention.

The furniture project followed the general lines of the interior design of the house has been chosen to create warm and inviting spaces through neutral fabrics that offer the best comfort to owners of the property. In addition, they have placed tables, stools, a full set in the bedroom and elements that stand in the bathrooms.

Full details of the proposed in this integral reform and furniture can be seen in the next below.

Kitchen and livingroom

The kitchen, which has a bar type american kitchen is equipped with stools that allow to have a convenient place to do any daily intake. Surely this is something that is perfectly suited to the needs of the day. In addition, the kitchen reform they also have the necessary elements to provide the best performance.

Meanwhile, the show has a very complete furniture. They placed a three-seater sofa, an armchair and a table with chairs for different people. In addition, the living room has a television and anchored to the wall phone.

Bedrooms and bathrooms

All bedrooms of the house now has a complete furniture. These were placed beds and a work area, consisting of a couple of tables and chairs. They were also equipped with a TV stuck to the wall, turning into rest rooms and leisure.

The bathrooms already had the necessary medical equipment to provide the best performance, but were completed with decorations and colorful textiles. This creates a nice contrast between the white tiled wall and colorful orange and green of different elements.

Integral reform and furniture in Barcelona

In addition to providing a professional and personalized service for your integral reform Grupo Inventia can also develop your furniture project. Find out more by contacting us and enjoy your home from day one.