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Integral reform Providència street

Last week we completed the integral reform we were carrying out in Providència street of Barcelona. It was a total renovation which we were able to improve both the design and grow equipment in every room of the property.

Another of the features that we wanted to give this house was daylight, so take good brightness outside using neutral shades like beige, most of the walls. For this, we use elements toned wood, such as the kitchen furniture and laminate flooring we install.

So you can appreciate the improvements in a more visual, then share the video of this new integral reform.

Kitchen reform

The kitchen reform, which is the livingroom, to distribute the two fronts, as we believe that this arrangement was best suited to the space available and that achieved greater organization.

On the right side are placed a kitchen cabinet in which we installed the appliances. Specifically, a refrigerator that is camouflaged by the cabinet doors, oven and microwave. On the left side, which is open, was placed on the counter, on which was installed a hob and a sink of one another.

This kitchen reform also highlights the hydraulic pavement that we installed, which gives it a very personal decor while visually divides the space.

Bathrooms reform

As usual, for the bathrooms reform seek designed to transmit well through a complete health facilities offer much functionality. Thus, in the bathrooms reform we installed a sink with drawers, a toilet and a shower protected by a screen.

As for design, the walls alicataron up halfway and used neutral tones. Thus, and combined with the darker tones of the bathroom floor and furniture was achieved generate more spacious feeling.

Grupo Inventia integral reform

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