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House renovation in Providència street of Barcelona

A new completed renovation project takes us to Providencia street in Barcelona. There our team of house renovations has been responsible for completely renovating a home. A work in which the image of all the spaces has been completely improved. It has also involved the installation of new equipment in the kitchen and bathroom.

As in all our house renovations in Barcelona we have worked based on the needs of the owners. Our experience and versatility allow us to adapt to all decorative styles and budgets. At Grupo Inventia we offer the best qualities on the market in every situation.

Before commenting on the details and improvements of this renovation in Barcelona we share a video with its general finishes. An excellent way to appreciate the result of the work done by our professionals. We update our Youtube channel daily, subscribe and don’t miss any of the reforms we have completed.

Kitchen renovation

It is a kitchen renovation of open concept and distributed in the form of L. Now it is a highly functional space and that offers the best provision in his use. One of the notable improvements is the expansion of storage capacity in the kitchen. Both at the bottom and top of the countertops there are several drawers and cabinets for this.

The new appliances have been integrated at the far left. For this kitchen renovation in Barcelona are a refrigerator, an oven and a microwave. All appliances are presented in a very elegant stainless steel finish. Then a first section of countertop is born. In vitro and on it the vitroceramic plate has been installed.

The worktop twists to the right and gives way to a second section. It expands the support and work surface and also fulfills the function of breakfast bar. On this counter we find the sink. A contemporary image kitchen renovation with furniture that combines white colors with successful wood finishes.

Bathroom renovation

Another of the improved spaces in this house renovation in Barcelona is the bathroom. A complete job with image renewal and sanitary equipment. At Grupo Inventia we offer a wide variety of products for your new bathroom. You will be able to choose those elements that best fit your style without difficulty.

One of the new sanitary ware is the sink. It has a large breast and at the bottom has a storage unit with wood finishes. Two drawers and a closet guarantee a perfect organization for all hygiene products. Right in front has been placed the new toilet, with a classic image with a cistern on the back and modern lines. The water area is located at the bottom of the room. For this bathroom renovation in Barcelona, a large white shower tray has been chosen.

As for the new image of the bathroom, the design that has been used in the rest of the house has been maintained. The walls have been completely tiled with rectangular tiles with a beige finish. For the new pavement we have opted for a hydraulic floor with a pattern in shades of blue and black.

New interior design and furniture

This project also has an improvement in the interior design of the entire home. Spaces such as the livingroom and bedrooms have been adapted to turn this property into a real home. Our team of interior design in Barcelona has worked on the basis of a contemporary interior design. Thanks to this, bright and spacious spaces have been achieved with a very pleasant and welcoming atmosphere.

Most of the walls have been painted white. In this way the light coming from the outside can reach all corners creating a very homely atmosphere. In turn, the new doors and plinths are also white, achieving a homogeneous and linear image. In this way the feeling of breadth and depth is much greater.

The new pavement that has been placed on a parquet floor in medium wood tones. This is the right option for this type of contemporary interior design. Increases the sensations mentioned by providing warmth in all spaces. In addition in this case it combines very well with the furniture that has been assembled both in the living room and in the bedrooms. In both cases they are presented with wood finishes.

House renovation in Barcelona

If it is time to carry out some improvement in your home in Grupo Inventia we put at your disposal the best professionals in the sector. We have extensive experience in house renovation and interior design projects, both in Barcelona and in nearby towns. To request your project plus renovation budget call us at 93 209 97 17. We will deliver them to you free of charge and without obligation.