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Renovation and interior design in Rosselló street in Barcelona

In the company of house renovations Grupo Inventia we have finished a new work in the Rosselló street of Barcelona. On this occasion we have been responsible for carrying out a project to renovate and improve the interior design of the house. In addition to the image change, we have also improved the facilities and left them ready so that they can offer the best features.

Our interior design department has been responsible for establishing the best solution based on the needs of the owners. It has been worked on the basis of a modern and current design with a very effective result. Now this home meets the demands of a home. The general finishes of this new project of renovation and interior design in Barcelona can be seen in the following video that share also in our Youtube channel.

New interior design

As we have mentioned in this project, the aim was to improve the interior design of all the rooms in the house. Thanks to the work done, we have achieved bright and visually spacious rooms. In the same way in each space of the renovated floor there is a very cozy atmosphere.

In this case we have chosen to paint the walls white. It is the perfect color for natural light to reach every corner of the house. In the same way that it is a color that adapts to most styles of interior design, so it is very easy to decorate and furnish it. Our painting professionals have been in charge of doing a very fine job and leaving the walls of the house like new.

Floor change and new doors

Another of the improvements in which our interior designers in Barcelona have had to work has been in the choice of the new pavement. In the same way that all the walls have been painted, the change of floor was another point in this project. For the new surface a floor of laminate parquet in light shades of wood has been chosen.

Visually it fits perfectly with the new interior design proposed. It has very fine finishes and is able to bring a pleasant warmth to the home. In practice it is a resistant material that requires simple maintenance so that it always looks perfect. Other changes that can be seen after the work of our interior design company are the doors. Following the established decorative line, white doors have been chosen that contribute to creating a homogeneous image.

Interior design in Barcelona

At Grupo Inventia we have the right professionals so that the renovation of your home is perfect and has everything you need. Our renovation and interior design departments will take care of offering you the best solutions to all your needs. Our range of possibilities is wide and we adapt to all styles and budgets. Request your project by calling 93 209 97 17 or filling out this contact form.