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Renovation in Barcelona: Passatge de Llívia

A new renovation in Barcelona takes us to a flat located in Passatge Llívia. Our team of professionals has been responsible for completely improving all the spaces of this home. We have improved both the aesthetic part of the interiors and the installations and equipment of key spaces.

As specialists in house renovations we can adapt to all kinds of needs and decorative styles. The versatility of our workers joins a very varied catalog of renovation materials. We adapt to all budgets by offering contrasting qualities on the market.

We share every renovation in Barcelona that we complete on our social networks. To appreciate the finishes of this project in Passatge Llívia we present the following video. This way we can present the results and inspire other homeowners who want to make an improvement in their home.

Kitchen in L

We have undertaken a complete kitchen renovation. Now you have everything you need to offer the best performance every day. The kitchen is located in a separate room and has an L-shaped layout. In addition to the kitchen itself, it also has a gallery space to place the washing machine.

At the left end, we have left a custom-made hole to integrate the refrigerator. Then the main desk is born. This section of the counter is elongated and offers a large support and work surface. On this we have installed the glass ceramic plate and the sink of a sinus. Both the bottom and top have storage capacity. We took advantage of these locations to integrate the oven and microwave, respectively.

The counter turns to the right and gives way to a second section. It is smaller but perfect for expanding the support surface. In addition, we have installed the dishwasher in a lower part. In this kitchen renovation in Barcelona we have also improved the interior design. For the kitchen furniture we have chosen the color white, ideal for generating more brightness and visual spaciousness.

The panels are smooth and combined with a marble finish countertop. On the other hand, we have tiled the walls with gray tiles, just like the floor tiles. In this sense, the kitchen has a contemporary design that creates a very pleasant space.

Functional bathroom

Another space improved in this renovation in Barcelona is the bathroom. We have taken it upon ourselves to adapt the cleaning space to current needs. That’s why we applied a modern design and installed new functional sanitary ware. The bathroom is ready to offer the best benefits in its use.

For the sanitary equipment we have installed a toilet with a piece of furniture with two drawers. We thus take advantage of the space and generate a perfect storage space. It is accompanied by a toilet with modern lines and a water area. In this we have placed a shower tray that is protected by sliding door screens.

At the same time, the interior design section follows a contemporary style with neutral tones. The goal is to create a pleasant and fresh space. That’s why we used beige tiles and tiles for the walls and floor. In this way, we have managed to enhance the brightness and spaciousness of the bathroom.

Renovation in Barcelona budget

We take care of renovating your home and applying all the improvements you need. Contact us by calling 93 209 97 17 and ask for your renovation budget without commitment. We do renovations in Barcelona and also in nearby towns.