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Renovations in Barcelona: Torns street

We have taken on the task of renovation a flat in Torns street in Barcelona. A complete project of renovation in Barcelona to improve the interior design and all the equipment. It is now ready to offer the best performance both daily and on rest days. Thanks to the versatility of our team, we have adapted to all the needs of the owners.

As a specialized company of renovation in Barcelona, we have a very varied catalog of options. In this project we have managed to create pleasant spaces that can be decorated in different styles. Before exposing all the improvements we share the finishes in the video below. See more finished works on our social networks.

Linear kitchen

The kitchen is open and has a linear distribution. It is connected to the dining area, which we have equipped with a table and several chairs. At the far left we have placed the fridge and then the counter appears. It is elongated and reaches to the other end, in addition, it offers a large support and work surface.

On the counter we have installed a single sink and a glass ceramic plate. In the lower part of the kitchen we have integrated several appliances. Among them the dishwasher, the oven and the washing machine. It also has several drawers that provide more storage space. In the upper part we anchored some cupboards to organize kitchen utensils. At the same time, we have integrated the microwave.

In this kitchen renovation we have also improved the design. We have installed a white kitchen cabinet that generates more light and visual spaciousness. This is combined it with a wooden finishing table, to match the parquet floor. We have tiled the wall with white beveled tiles that provide a modern image.

Bathroom renovation

We have also taken care of renovating the two bathrooms in the house. As in all spaces, we have improved both the image and the equipment. The new sanitary facilities are composed of a sink with storage furniture, a toilet and a water area. The latter is a shower tray with sliding door screens.

For the new image of this bathroom renovation, we have chosen neutral tones to create bright and fresh spaces. We have tiled the walls with white subway tiles and installed a hydraulic style floor. We have also applied wood finishes like the bathroom furniture.

New interior image

In our renovations in Barcelona, we are responsible for improving the interior design of the entire home. For this apartment on Torns street, we opted for a contemporary interior with neutral tones. We have painted the walls in a soft shade of beige to create a warm atmosphere. It has been combined with the wooden finishes of the parquet floor and with the white doors.

Another very prominent detail in this house renovation in Barcelona is the Volta Catalana ceiling and the exposed brick wall of the living room. At the same time, we have also taken care of furnishing both the common areas of the house and the bedrooms. The latter have a bed, a wardrobe and a work area.

Renovations in Barcelona

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