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Tailor-made projects of interior design in Barcelona How do we do it?

5 July, 2024 · Blog

As a good house renovation company, we also have a department specializing in interior design. In this way we will be able to offer complete advice to all people interested in renovating their home. Professionals of interior design in Barcelona accompany in a personalized way throughout the project.

In addition, we can offer the service of interior design in Barcelona for house renovations or focused on the decorative aspect. Preparing an interior design project involves following a series of detailed steps that span from the initial conception to the final execution. We share a step-by-step guide to do a flawless job and create good synergy with the owner.

interiorismo salon

1. Research and Analysis

Information Collection:

  • Briefing with the client: Understanding the client’s needs, wants, lifestyle and budget.
  • Space Analysis: Measurement and evaluation of existing space, including structure, natural lighting and physical constraints.

Inspiration and Trends:

  • Research current trends: Review interior design magazines, blogs and social networks.
  • Moodboard creation: Collect images, colors, textures and objects that reflect the vision of the project.

2. Conceptualization

Concept Development:

  • Define a concept or theme: Based on the information gathered, define the main theme of the design.
  • Preliminary sketches: Make initial sketches and diagrams of the design of the space.
interiorismo barcelona

3. Design and Planning

Plans and Models:

  • Floor plans: Draw detailed floor plans that include the distribution of furniture.
  • Elevations and sections: Create technical drawings that show the elevations and sections of the space.
  • 3D models: Use design software (such as SketchUp or AutoCAD) to create three-dimensional models of space.

Selection of Materials and Furniture:

  • Color palette: Select a color palette that aligns with the concept of this project of interior design in Barcelona.
  • Materials and finishes: Choose materials for floors, walls, ceilings, etc.
  • Furniture and decoration: Select furniture, lighting and decorative elements.

4. Documentation

Technical specifications:

  • Lists of materials and furniture: Create detailed lists of all the materials and furniture selected for this interior design project in Barcelona.
  • Budget: Prepare a detailed budget including all costs (materials, labor, etc.).
  • Schedule: Establish a work schedule with key dates and deadlines between our interior design company and the owner.

5. Presentation to the Client

Presentation of the Project:

  • Moodboard and concepts: Present the moodboard and concepts to the client for approval.
  • Plans and 3D models: Show plans and three-dimensional models to help the client visualize the final design.
  • Budget and schedule: Discuss the budget and schedule to ensure they meet the client’s expectations.
interiorismo dormitorio

6. Execution

Coordination and Supervision:

  • Hiring professionals: Select and hire contractors and craftsmen.
  • Work supervision: Visit the site regularly to monitor progress and ensure plans and specifications are being followed.

7. Termination and Delivery

Final Touches:

  • Furniture installation: Place the furniture and decorative elements according to the planned design.
  • Final inspection: Perform a final inspection of the space to make sure everything is in place and working properly.
  • Handover to the client: Handing over the project to the client and making sure they are happy with the end result.

8. Project follow-up

Review and Evaluation:

  • Customer feedback: Ask the customer for an evaluation of the work done.
  • Project Documentation: Save all project documentation for future work and reference.
diseño interiores barcelona

This process ensures that all aspects necessary to create a successful interior design that meets the client’s expectations are covered.