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Terrace renovation in Hospitalet de Llobregat

In the renovations company Grupo Inventia we have completed a new rehabilitation work in the town of L’Hospitalet de Llobregat. On this occasion we have been responsible for carrying out painting and terrace renovation work. As we have mentioned several times in Grupo Inventia, we carry out reform projects both in Barcelona city and in nearby towns.

To see the finishes of this work of terrace renovation and interior design we share the following video that you can watch in Youtube. A different project for which we have experienced professionals who guarantee the best result. In turn, in our renovation company we develop both total and partial home renovation projects. This is the case of this terrace renovation and interior design in L’Hospitalet de Llobregat.

Terrace renovation

This is an exterior renovation that has involved painting work, changing the floor and placing new doors and windows. Our offer in terrace renovations is wide and we can adapt to any style and budget. In this case we have opted for a functional design with a perfect result.

For the new color of the walls has opted for white. In this way it is possible to generate an even brighter and visually spacious space. Another detail to improve in this terrace renovation was the pavement. As it was an outdoor space, it was necessary to have a resistant surface that would fit visually. A floor in dark shades of wood has been chosen that marks the terrace very well and gives it a lot of personality.

Both the paint and the pavement used in this terrace renovation are suitable for exteriors and resistant to the weather. Another improvement has been the change of doors and windows. To do this, we have worked with aluminum carpentry with a white finish. The new enclosures allow perfect acoustic and thermal protection in the interior of the house.

New interior image

In addition to the complete terrace renovation, the interior image of the house has also been improved. Our interior design department has worked with a contemporary style to renovate the design of the living room and bedroom. It highlights painting works with neutral tones such as white, beige and gray. In this way very pleasant and welcoming spaces are generated.

We have a new and grateful interior design, as it adapts to a wide variety of decorative options. In this case, wooden furniture is a great choice, as the contrast makes them stand out and create a warm and perfect image for a home.

Terrace renovation and interior design

At Grupo Inventia we have a team of professionals who work to make the renovation of any space in your home perfect. We have specialists in terrace renovations and interior design. We adapt to all styles and budgets. By calling 93 209 91 17 you can request your renovation budget in Barcelona and the surrounding area free of charge and without obligation.