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5 ideas for Christmas decoration

22 December, 2023 · Blog

A few very busy and exciting days are approaching. Sightings of family and friends will be constant and any day is good to catch up with your loved ones. All surrounded by the Christmas spirit that is present in every way. In addition to your clothes or the meals you celebrate, the Christmas decoration is also the protagonist.

For this reason we will share 5 ideas for Christmas decoration. The best of all is that it’s about crafts, so you can be a participant and star in the Christmas decoration of your home. In addition, it is the best excuse to spend a good time with the family, since both adults and children can participate.

decoracion navidad natural

In this way you can print your personal style on the Christmas decorations that dress your home on these dates. We also think of the pocket and propose economical decorative ideas that can be made with recycled and natural products. We are convinced that it will be a super fun family time.

Quilling paper ornaments

A good decorative option for Christmas is to use the quilling technique to make paper ornaments in the shape of stars, angels or reindeer. This is an ornament with several possible options, as you can hang them on the Christmas tree or use them as window decorations. In this case you only need strips of colored paper, glue and a little patience.

Handmade wreaths

One ornament we really like is creating your own Christmas wreath with natural elements such as pine branches, pine cones and berries. You can give it a personal touch with ribbons, bows and trimmings. It’s a fun activity and the result is a great wreath that you can hang on the front door of your home or in an interior space.

centro decoracion navidad

Personalized Christmas balls

We propose a Christmas customization job that can be very colorful and original. Buy transparent Christmas balls and fill them with small objects that reflect your interests or family memories. They can be sequins, small photographs or even messages written on tiny rolls of paper. This is an option that offers several possibilities, plus each member of the family can create their own.

Advent calendar hand made

Another Christmas classic is the Advent Calendar. You too can create your own with small paper bags or boxes. In each bag or box, place a small surprise, such as chocolates, messages or small gifts. Have fun creating it and hang them on a string or place them on a decorative table.

Decorative candles

Decorate simple white candles with Christmas motifs. You can use red and green ribbons, stickers with Christmas figures, or even melt colored crayons on the candles to create a colorful effect. As a preventative measure, always check that candles are safe and remember to never leave candles burning unattended.

velas decoracion navidad

These are some ideas for Christmas decoration, although you can customize them according to your tastes and available materials. Have fun decorating your home for Christmas!