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6 ideas to decorate with strips of LED lights

20 October, 2023 · Blog

Lighting is a key element in the home interior design sector. It is one of the main elements and has always been present in the form of lamps or natural light. Today, the market offers you a wide variety of options to light up your home. Among them are LED light strips.

It is a very versatile type of lighting that allows us to have light in a space in a simple and functional way. In addition, a great advantage of LED lights is that they consume less than conventional lights. In the same way, they are lights with more durability and a very resistant material. In other words, LED lights or spotlights are more economical and sustainable.

luces led

When choosing a new way to generate light, LED strips are a great way to add ambient lighting to your home and give it a touch of style. Since it’s such a popular option, we’re sharing six ideas for decorating with LED strip lights.

Ceiling lighting and shelving

Install LED strips along the perimeter of the ceiling in a room to create soft, indirect lighting that adds a touch of elegance and enhances the sense of space. The market offers you a wide variety of led ceiling lights. You can choose between a fixed light and even one that changes intensity and color according to your requirements.

In addition to the strips we mentioned, you can also opt for LED lights recessed into the ceiling. They are arranged like bull’s-eye lights and allow you to enjoy the right lighting in your home.

On the other hand, we can also use furniture elements to place strips of LED lights. They can be placed on shelves or shelves to highlight books, decorative objects or other elements of the home. LED lights not only illuminate the exposed items, but also add a modern touch to the decoration.

LED lights in kitchen and bathrooms

Having a well-lit kitchen is essential to be able to prepare our meals optimally. Place LED strips under your kitchen cabinets to create indirect, functional lighting that can also double as a night light. In addition to the practical aspect, this can create a more welcoming image in the kitchen.

luces led cocina

Another important space where you can easily put LED lights is the bathroom. If you have a large mirror in your bathroom, place LED strips around the edge to create even and attractive lighting. This is not only practical but also adds a touch of glamour.

Lighting in the furniture

You can add a contemporary look to your furniture by installing LED strips on the bottom of tables, desks or cabinets. This creates a floating effect and enhances the appearance of the furniture. The great advantage it will bring you is that you will be able to decide which light to turn on at any given time. In this way, it will not be necessary to turn on all the lights in the room where we will be for a while.

Another attractive way to brighten up your home is to use whatever decorative items you have. If you have artwork or other wall decor that you want to stand out, place LED light strips above or below the artwork to illuminate it artistically and attractively. It can bring you the necessary light in difficult moments.

luces led techo

As we mentioned at the beginning, remember that LED light strips come in a variety of colors and can be controlled with remote controls or mobile apps to adjust the intensity and color according to your preferences. With these ideas to create the atmosphere you want in your home.