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A bathroom equipped and functional

14 September, 2015 · Blog · Tags:

In Grupo Inventia have a department specializing in bathroom reform. We know that this is a very important room in any home and we need to offer the best solutions to the needs of each owner who come to our offices.

Therefore, we must also be informed of the latest developments and trends in the design and equip a bathroom, as well as have greater vision of the field and can offer more choices to all owners.

Precisely this talk in this post, how to deal with bathroom reform and features should have this to offer the best performance in both everyday use and in the most relaxing time.


A bathroom is a room that is used several times a day, but that we should offer a good environment, because in our work we hygiene.

The latest trends for the bathroom is tiled in part, by placing tiles halfway up and painting the rest of the wall. In this case it is best to combine neutral tones like beige and white or the same white and soft gray tones.

In addition to generating a pleasant atmosphere, in most cases these combinations generate greater feeling of space and light in the bathroom.

Sanitary equipment

Because bathrooms offer the best performance should have a complete bathroom equipment.

By this we mean that you can not miss a sink, a toilet and a water area. Under the sink is best placed a drawer, as this will be a perfect space for storage of toiletries. On the other hand, if we opted for a shower screens must be considered, as will protect the rest of the stay of splash and humidity.

Grupo Inventia bathroom

In Grupo Inventia have a department that will advise you on your bathroom reform. Find out about all the services we provide contact us.