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Bathroom renovation in Alts Forns street in Barcelona

A new house renovation project completed takes us to Alts Forns street in Barcelona. This is where our team has carried out a complete bathroom renovation. In the company Grupo Inventia we develop projects for both total and partial renovations of house. Thanks to our versatility we can work on improving the image and equipment of any space in a home.

Our catalog of bathroom renovations is extensive and varied. We can adapt to any decorative style you request from us and, above all, to your budget. Whatever it is, we offer the best qualities on the market and guarantee successful and long-lasting finishes. Call us on 93 209 97 17 and request your renovation quote without any commitment.

New toilets

The vast majority of bathroom renovations we perform involve the replacement of all sanitary equipment. The passage of time and the daily use we make of this room takes its toll on its elements. In addition, it is a space for which improvements are constantly emerging. In Grupo Inventia we offer you to modernize your bathroom with the elements that mark a trend in the sector.

Just to the left of the entrance is the new sink. It is a floating piece of furniture that includes storage capacity at the bottom. Two drawers that allow to maintain a perfect organization of all the products of hygiene and bath. A piece of furniture with the right size that allows space and is presented with wood finishes.

The new toilet was then installed. In this bathroom renovation, we have opted for a floating toilet with the cistern hidden in the wall. If the room enjoys enough space it is a very popular option in the current bathroom renovations. In addition to bringing modernity to the bathroom, it also generates more visual space.

Water area

The remaining sanitary piece in this three-piece bathroom takes us to the water area. In this case, one of the most common changes in bathroom renovations has been made. The change of bathtub for shower tray. In this way the shower completes a modern and functional sanitary equipment. You have got a bathroom that adapts perfectly to the needs of everyday life.

The shower tray is white and slightly elevated from the floor. For this occasion no enclosures have been placed since the location of the shower allows it. A new faucet with a silver finish has also been installed, as has the new washbasin tap. The window on the shower wall has also been changed. It is now made of aluminum carpentry and ensures proper thermal insulation.

Modern bathroom design

In addition to the sanitary equipment in this bathroom renovation in Barcelona, the image of the room has also been completely improved. Our interior design team has worked according to the owners guidelines. The idea was to get a bright and visually spacious bathroom that would create a cozy atmosphere. These are necessary features in a space of daily use such as the bathroom.

In this way the wall on the right side and the walls of the shower and the toilet have been tiled with beige tiles. This is an ideal tone for the natural light that comes from outside to extend to every corner of the bathroom. It also highlights the white color of the sanitary ware and combines with the wood finishes of the bathroom furniture.

To tile the wall on the right side, we have opted for hydraulic type tiles with white and blue drawings. It adds personality to the bathroom and fits perfectly with the new flooring. For the tiles of the new bathroom floor, pieces with the same finish as mentioned have been used.

Bathroom renovation in Barcelona

In Grupo Inventia we put at your disposal the best professionals in the sector of house renovations and interior design. For us, every home renovation project is unique and is treated in a personalized and tailor-made way. We adapt to all demands and have a wide and varied catalog to make it so.

We operate both in Barcelona city and in nearby towns. As we have stated in this bathroom renovation in Barcelona, we are in charge of total or partial housing renovations. We deliver your project plus custom renovation budget at no cost or commitment. To request it call us at 93 209 97 17 or contact us via WhatsApp.