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Bathroom renovation and design project in Barcelona

We continue to complete reforms in the city of Barcelona. In this post we will explain how we have renovated a bathroom on the Travessera de les Corts. A new job in which both aspects of facilities and bathroom design have been improved. Thanks to our experience we can offer customized projects and adapted to each client.

To this is added our extensive catalog in bathroom renovation and design. We work with trusted brands that adapt to all types of budgets. In this way we can adapt to all kinds of needs without sacrificing the best qualities. In this bathroom renovation in Barcelona it is clear that Gupo Inventia is a guarantee of perfection.

During this text we will shell out every detail and improvement we have made in this bathroom. Before we share a video so you can appreciate the general finishes that have been achieved. To know all the renovations that we are finishing you can follow us on Youtube and other social networks. We update them daily with new content.

Bright and spacious bathroom

As this is an exclusive renovation for the bathroom, we can focus on improving this space. In this way we can offer different options before elaborating the project and even before the works start. For this bathroom renovation, a contemporary bathroom design with neutral tones and lots of light has been chosen.

We use the bathroom every day and for this reason it must present the best conditions at all times. A space in which light and visual breadth are generated will achieve a cozy and relaxed atmosphere. These are essential features for a modern bathroom renovation. To achieve this, the combination of white and wood finishes is present in this project.

The bathroom walls have been tiled with soft beige tones throughout. Thanks to this detail, both natural and artificial light flow to every corner of this bathroom. They subtly contrast the porcelain white of the sink and toilet, which are well marked in the overall image.

Wood finishes

In this bathroom renovation and design project there is also room for other finishes, specifically wood tones. We see them in the bathroom cabinet that has been placed under the sink and with which you get an excellent storage space. It is a perfect example of how to merge the bathroom design as the functionality within it.

In the new bathroom floor we can also see a wood finish. In this bathroom renovation in Barcelona, an imitation parquet ceramic floor has been placed. An excellent choice both visually and practically. The smooth surface of the ceramic floors is perfect for bathrooms, as it is durable and very easy to clean.

It matches these two elements that we have discussed in the shower wall tiles. Rectangular tiles that look identical to wood have been used to differentiate the spaces of the water area and the bathroom in general. In addition to achieving the desired modern and contemporary image, they also generate a feeling of warmth.

Floating toilets

Much of the modern and current image of this bathroom is due to the new bathrooms. In this sense, it has been committed to giving them a greater aesthetic presence beyond their excellent functionality. The new toilets are perfectly integrated into the new bathroom design as part of it.

A particular feature is that both the sink and the toilet are floating. In addition to leaving behind the conventional image of the bathrooms, they also help to generate more visual space. This factor is linked to the aspect of the brightness that we have discussed, since the light is not slowed down by static parts.

They are accompanied by a water area designed to offer the greatest comfort at all times. The shower tray that has been placed works perfectly both in the rhythm of daily life and in those moments of greater relaxation. A detail that complements this shower are the sliding door partitions that protect it.

While these are the outlines of this bathroom renovation and design project that we have completed, there are several more details. For example, the protruding wall has been used to create two work shelves. They are located on the floating toilet and in the shower. A perfect resource for placing bathroom or decorative products.

Renovation budget without commitment

At Grupo Inventia we work so that your house renovation has everything you need. Our interior design experts advise you on the whole subject of image and design. You will also have direct and daily contact with the technical architect throughout the profession of the work. You can call us at 93 209 97 17 and request your renovation budget. We deliver it to you at no cost or commitment.