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Bathroom renovation and interior design in Barcelona

A new home renovation work takes us to Vilamarí street in Barcelona. We have taken care of two bathroom renovations and the improvement of the interior design in all the rooms of this apartment in Barcelona. In Grupo Inventia we elaborate projects of integral or partial reform, since we have specific professionals for each one of the stays that conform a house.

We show the general finishes in the following video and you can see the work of our department of interior design in Barcelona. Also the new image and equipment of the bathrooms, which are ready to offer the best features. To see more work done follow us on our Youtube channel.

Interior design in Barcelona

One of the objectives of this project of interior design in Barcelona has been to renew and modernize the image of each of the rooms. In this case, painting and paving changes have been carried out. After the work done, very bright and visually spacious spaces have been generated.

Both in the livingroom and in the bedrooms the walls have been painted white. This is a perfect option that makes the most of natural light from the outside. In this way the light reaches every corner of the floor. Some doors have also been renovated, for which the color white has also been chosen.

For the new floor of much of the house, a parquet floor in medium shades of wood has been chosen. In addition to the breadth generated in this interior design project, the wood finish provides a greater feeling of warmth. In general, it now looks like a contemporary and very nice interior design, the image and the perfect atmosphere for a home.

Bathroom renovation

To the work of interior design in Barcelona that has been carried out we must add the complete renovation of two bathrooms. Both are of a very similar size and have been fully equipped with modern and functional sanitary equipment. For example, each of them has a sink with built-in storage furniture. In this way you make the most of the available space and it is very easy to organize all the hygiene and bathroom products.

The toilets have also been changed. For this bathroom renovation, the bathroom has been chosen with a classic image, although with modern lines. The cups are rounded and have the cistern on the back. Finally we find the shower trays. In both cases wide and protected with transparent sliding door partitions.

In addition to the toilets, the interior design has also been renewed. As in the rest of the house, we have opted for a contemporary design that generates a fresh and comfortable atmosphere. The walls have been completely tiled with gray tiles. For the pavement, a ceramic floor imitation parquet has also been chosen, also in shades of gray.

Renovations and interior design in Barcelona

Our experts in renovations and interior design in Barcelona will develop a tailor-made and customized project for your new home. To request it you can call us on 93 209 97 17 or fill out this contact form. We will deliver it to you with your budget at no cost or commitment.