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Bathroom renovation and interior design in Casanova street in Barcelona

We continue to complete projects and this time we present the result of a project completed on Casanova street. Our team of renovations in Barcelona has been responsible for adapting this home to current needs. Among other improvements, a modern interior design has been applied in all its rooms. The two bathrooms have also been completely refurbished.

Thanks to our adaptability we can work with any decorative style. We also adapt to all types of renovation budgets, always offering the best qualities on the market. All this thanks to our extensive catalog of materials, paints and equipment for the home. We always work with proven brands to ensure the best result.

In addition, the house renovations we carry out both in Barcelona and nearby are personalized and tailor-made. We offer a direct service and deliver the interior design project and the renovation budget without any commitment. To request it you can contact us by calling 93 209 97 17.

In the following video we present the finishes of this new work to improve interior design plus bathroom renovation. Follow us on social media and discover that we are the most effective renovation company in the sector.

New interior design

One of the main points of this house renovation project focuses on the interior design of housing. Our department of interior design in Barcelona has worked based on the tastes and needs of the owners. From there, an interior design project has been developed with the aim of achieving welcoming and pleasant spaces.

This time it has been decided to give prominence to the color white. In addition to being a reliable option, it is capable of maximizing the feeling of spaciousness and brightness of the rooms. In this way, the natural light entrances that have both the livingroom and the bedrooms are also much more useful. In this sense, light from outside can flow through every corner of the house.

The new white doors have been fitted with this. At Grupo Inventia we have an extensive catalog with different door models. You can choose from several styles and finishes, including those that have been included in this interior design project. Both hinged doors and sliding doors have been combined, an excellent resource to make the most of your living room space. In turn, the new sockets are also marked in white and generate a perfect homogeneous image.

Floor change

Within this project of interior design in Barcelona, the pavement of the whole house has also been changed. The chosen one has been an excellent laminate parquet flooring in medium shades of wood. In addition to combining very well with the white color of the walls, it is able to generate a greater feeling of warmth.

In spaces such as the livingroom and bedrooms, it helps to promote a pleasant, welcoming and ideal atmosphere for any situation. Our flooring catalog is also very varied and laminate flooring is one of the most popular options. First of all, it is a resistant and durable material. On the other hand it is presented in the image and likeness of wood with the point in favor that it is cheaper than natural parquet.

Bathroom renovation

In addition to the entire interior design project that we have detailed, our professionals have also been responsible for renovating two bathrooms. One of the new elements is the new doors we have already mentioned. In the case of bathroom renovations, sliding doors have been used, a practical and functional style.

Each bathroom renovation has three new sanitary ware. One of them is the floating sink with storage capacity at the bottom. It is accompanied by a new toilet and a changing water area in the two bathrooms. In one of them the spaces of the bathtub have been maintained, while in the other a shower tray has been installed.

There has also been a marked improvement in the image of the two bathrooms. The decorative style applied in the other spaces has been followed. Neutral shades have been used to generate bright, spacious and cozy spaces. To do this, the walls have been completely tiled with gray tiles. Tiles with different embossed finishes on concrete walls have also been used.

An imitation wood ceramic floor has been chosen for the new bathroom floor. In this way a global image is achieved throughout the home. It is also a type of floor designed for spaces such as bathrooms.

Interior design and renovation budget

At Grupo Inventia we put the best professionals in the sector at your disposal. With we will be able to have the home you have always dreamed of at a very competitive price. Our experience in the interior design sector and renovations are the best guarantee that your project will be a success.