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Bathroom renovation on Artesania street in Barcelona

We have completed a new project of renovation in Barcelona. This time we have completely renovated a bathroom. The tasks of image and installation improvements have been carried out in a house on Artesania street. Now this apartment has a bathroom ready to offer the best features.

As a renovation company, we offer services for both total renovations and partial improvements. In the latter case we specialize in bathroom, kitchen or interior design projects. If we focus on the bathrooms we have a wide catalog with a lot of variety. We can adapt to all types of requirements and budgets by offering the best qualities on the market.

The finishes of this bathroom renovation on Artesania street are presented in the following video. On our social networks we share all the projects we have completed both in Barcelona and nearby. Follow us on them and get to know every day the work we do in a leading company like Grupo Inventia.

Modern image

One of the main improvements in this bathroom renovation in Barcelona has been the change of image. The owners wanted a cozy, fresh space with current elements. These are essential features for a space for daily use such as the bathroom. Adjusting to the demands has also required easy maintenance surfaces.

To do this, the walls have been completely tiled with beige tiles. This generates a greater sense of brightness and visual breadth. The bathroom is a space that should make us feel comfortable and thanks to this detail we have achieved it. It has also been played with tile finishes. Smooth tiles have been used for three walls, while one has relief.

Another element that affects the image and effectiveness of the bathroom renovation is the pavement. For this work he has chosen a beige stoneware floor. Visually it fits against the walls and on a practical level offers many facilities. Being a smooth surface it can be easily cleaned to present the best image at all times.

New toilet

In addition to updating the image of the bathroom, we have also taken care of equipping it completely. In this sense we work with proven suppliers and we can offer a wide variety of sanitary ware. Your new bathroom will have what you need, of the best quality and fit your budget.

A washbasin with built-in storage cabinet has been installed. It comes with wood finishes and are two drawers that ensure a perfect organization in the bathroom. The sink is floating and large, allows great freedom of movement. The new toilet has been placed right in front. It has modern lines and a cistern on the back.

The water area has also been adapted with a flat and square shower tray. For the shower enclosures, sliding door partitions have been chosen that close it completely. These are 100% transparent partitions that do not reduce the visual space of the room. Both the shower faucet and the sink faucet are silver.

Other notable elements in this bathroom renovation in Barcelona are the new rectangular bathroom mirror with LED lights. Also an electric towel dryer that has been placed near the shower.

Bathroom renovation budget

If you think it’s time to do a bathroom renovation, we can prepare a personalized and tailor-made project for you. We adapt to your budget and guarantee you an excellent and lasting result. Request it without obligation along with a renovation budget by calling 93 209 97 17.