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Bathroom renovation in Font Honrada street in Barcelona

In the renovation company Grupo Inventia we carry out projects for total home renovations and also for partial renovations. This is the case of the work we have completed in Font Hornada street in Barcelona. We have been in charge of updating all aspects of a bathroom. From replacing the sanitary equipment to applying a new interior design.

We are ready to comment on the most outstanding details of this bathroom renovation, although before we share a video with its finishes. In this way, you can appreciate in full detail the improvements we have introduced in this area of ​​daily use. We also invite you to follow us on social networks so you can see all the jobs we have finished.

New toilets

It is a large bathroom with a space that allows good mobility. Given these characteristics, we have worked on a three-piece bathroom that offers high functionality at all times. We have achieved this thanks to our experience and the great offer we have in sanitary products.

Just to the left of the entrance is the new toilet with built-in storage. It has two drawers that allow for the correct organization of all types of hygiene products. A ladder-shaped shelf has been placed next to it, which gives it a very modern look and more storage space.

Following to the right, a toilet has been placed that has modern lines and a classic image. It is anchored to the ground and has the cistern on its back. A practical detail of this bathroom renovation is that work shelves have been created on the back wall. Towels and other hygiene products can also be well organized.

The right side has been assigned to the water area. A rectangular shower tray has been installed protected by sliding door screens. An important detail is that the screens are transparent and leave no visual space in the bathroom. In addition to the aforementioned elements, a bathroom mirror has also been placed just above the toilet.

Bathroom interior design

The new sanitary equipment in this bathroom renovation in Barcelona is perfect and highly functional. To round it off, we have also taken care of applying a new bathroom design. After listening to the needs and tastes of the owners, we have applied a contemporary interior with neutral tones.

The objective is to achieve a space that generates light and visual amplitude. In this way we have generated a fresh and very pleasant environment for a space that is used every day. The walls have been tiled with beige tiles that allow the light to flow properly.

The tiles of the new bathroom floor are of a very similar color and generate a homogeneous and pleasant design. For the walls of the shower, a tile with mosaic-type tiles has been used that integrate perfectly into the whole set. On the other hand, the furniture such as the bathroom furniture or the bookshelf are white.

Bathroom renovation budget

We prepare your bathroom renovation project in a personalized way and according to your needs. If you want to request it, you can do so by calling 93 209 97 17. In less than a week we will have it ready and deliver it to you together with a detailed estimate. Both without any commitment.