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Bathroom renovation in Montcada i Reixach

A few days ago we finished a new renovation. On this occasion we moved to the town of Montcada i Reixach to complete a complete bathroom renovation. As you can see, we carry out house renovations in Barcelona and nearby towns, so you can contact us even if your property is not located in the capital.

In general, this bathroom renovation offers a fresh and cozy atmosphere, ideal for daily as well as for the moments where the calm is needed. In turn, it has all the essential sanitary equipment to offer the best benefits and functionality in its use. You can see the general finishes in the following video.

Sanitary equipment

All bathroom renovation involves improvement work in sanitary equipment. If one decides to renew the bathroom in a strange time the sanitary elements are maintained, since the daily use leads to the fact that renewing them is the best option. At Grupo Inventia we are characterized to adapt to the needs of each owner, so we have a wide catalog of sanitary ware and we work with the best brands.

In this case, he opted for a three-piece bathroom in which the practical and the functional ones prevail. One of the new sanitary pieces in the toilet, large and with two drawers for storage in its lower area. They are accompanied by a toilet with classic lines and a shower on the ground. In short, a bathroom is ready to offer the best services from the first day.

Bathroom design

Another very important part of any bathroom renovation is that of interior design. Thanks to this we can adjust the room and provide the image we want. In this work of interior design, he opted for a contemporary style image that generates a very pleasant and very visual environment.

This was achieved using beige tiles to tile the walls, in this case large tiles. Together with the installation of lights and the bathroom mirror, a bright and wide image is achieved in the room. In turn, for the floor, tiles of the same beige tint were also used, so the image of the bathroom is completely homogeneous.

Bath renovations in Barcelona

If you need to renew your bathroom, at the Grupo Inventia we put at your disposal the best professionals in the sector. In addition, you can request your budget and we will deliver it for free and without any commitment.