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Bathroom renovation on Joncar street in Barcelona

A new completed project takes us to Joncar Street in the city of Barcelona. This time we have taken care of a complete bathroom renovation. In addition, our professionals have been responsible for changing and placing the new flooring and doors throughout the house.

Our versatility as a renovation company allows us to adapt to all styles so that each client has what they need. In the same way we work based on the available budget offering the best quality of all materials and finishes. Now we will focus on this new bathroom renovation in Barcelona that we share in the following video.

New sanitary equipment

As usual in a bathroom renovation, all the sanitary ware has been changed. Now this bathroom has a modern sanitary equipment and that ensures functionality at the time of making use of them. This time we have opted for an effective three-piece bathroom with a sink, a toilet and water area.

A large sintered floating sink with a storage unit has been installed in its lower area. Thanks to this, all types of hygiene and bath products can be ordered and organized. In addition, this bathroom renovation is extensive and more storage space can be enabled in the bathroom with, for example, a vertical cabinet. The finish of the bathroom furniture is in light shades of wood and fits perfectly with the overall image.

The new toilet has been placed right in front. It is presented in a classic image with the cistern on the back and with rounded lines. This look is modern and responds to the style that homeowners want for their new bathroom. In this way the bathroom renovation is ready to offer the best benefits from day one.

Shower tray installation

The last sanitary piece that completes the equipment of this bathroom renovation in Barcelona is the water area. It has replaced the original bathtub with a practical shower tray. It has a rectangular shape and is protected by a transparent static screen. With this feature in addition to avoiding splashes in the bathroom does not reduce visual space.

New bathroom design

In addition to the renovation and installation of new sanitary equipment in this bathroom renovation, its image has also been improved. To do this, our interior designers in Barcelona have developed an interior design project based on the tastes of homeowners. We have opted for a contemporary style design with neutral tones as protagonists.

The walls of the bathroom have been completely tiled with beige tiles. It is a perfect finish so that the light circulates freely throughout the room and generates a bright and spacious atmosphere. These are two characteristics very well received in a space of daily use and that must always offer the best image.

The original flooring has also been replaced by tiles with a gray finish. A color that fits perfectly with the contemporary image of this bathroom renovation in Barcelona. If on a visual level it is a success, so is it on a practical level. A resistant and durable surface with very simple maintenance.

Change of floor and doors

Another of the improvements that have been made to this house has been the change of floor and doors, plus painting work in all spaces. In this way the property is suitable to live from day one. It also has a completely renovated bathroom. A contemporary style design has also been chosen for the new image of the house.

The walls have been painted white creating very bright and visually spacious spaces. The natural light entrances that the house has have been used to the maximum. The new doors that have been installed are also presented in white. They bring a modern image to the home in general and combine perfectly with the new color of the walls. The plinths and door frames are also white, helping to contrast effectively with the new flooring.

Having a wide catalog of floors for homes has been very easy to find the most successful. In this floor renovation, a parquet floor in natural wood tones has been chosen. A finish that goes very well with the white color of walls and doors. In the same way it also brings a lot of personality and helps to create a warm and welcoming space.

Bathroom renovation in Barcelona

At Grupo Inventia we have everything you need to have the best bathroom renovation. You can request your budget without any commitment by calling 93 209 97 17. Remember that we are available to work both in homes in the city of Barcelona and in nearby municipalities.