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Bathroom renovation in Montgat

A new renovation project is bringing us closer to the town of Montgat. We have moved to this town of Maresme to renovate a bathroom. Now this cleaning space has everything necessary to offer the best services. It is a complete bathroom renovation with improvements in image and equipment.

Our catalog of bathroom renovations is varied and we can adapt to all kinds of styles and needs. Always offering products from proven brands and trusted suppliers. In addition, we adapt to your budget and offer you the best options for your new cleaning space. In the following video we share the finishes of this bathroom renovation in Montgat.

Functional toilets

One of the aspects that change in a bathroom renovation is the sanitary equipment. For this project we opted for a three-piece bathroom. In this way, the available space is used more effectively and all needs are covered. We have applied functionality for everyday life and comfort for the most relaxed moments.

A new toilet is the toilet, accompanied by a bathroom cabinet with two drawers. In this way, all kinds of hygiene products can be effectively organized. We have also installed a new classic image toilet with the cistern in the back. In the water area, we have kept the bathtub, accompanied by a screen with a hinge.

A functional bathroom renovation with sanitary equipment ready to offer the best benefits. Our goal as a renovation company is for you to enjoy your new home from day one.

Bathroom design

We have also taken on the task of applying a new interior design in this bathroom renovation in Montgat. Now it sports a modern image and in line with current trends. In addition, it reflects the style of the owners and generates a fresh and welcoming space. In this way, we have printed a contemporary style using neutral tones.

We tiled the walls with light gray tiles, the same as the new floor tiles. To generate contrast, the tiles on the shower wall are dark grey. Thanks to this, we have enhanced the brightness and visual breadth of the bathroom. They are two ideal characteristics for a daily space.

Bathroom renovation budget

We have all the improvements your bathroom needs. Call us at 93 209 97 17 and ask for your estimate. We will have it ready in a few days and deliver it to you without commitment with a personalized renovation project.