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Bathroom renovation on Passeig de la Zona Franca in Barcelona

In the renovations company we realize so much complete as partial renovations of house. This time we have completed a bathroom renovation. We have moved to the Passeig de la Zona Franca in Barcelona to improve the image and sanitary equipment of this bathroom.

Our interior design department has worked on an image and distribution project based on the needs of the owners. Grupo Inventia’s construction team has made it a reality. Before commenting on the details and improvements of this bathroom renovation in Barcelona we share a video showing the general finishes.

The offer in bathroom renovations that we have in Grupo Inventia is wide. We offer a wide variety of options in both design and equipment. Our versatility allows us to adapt to all types of decorative styles and budgets. We want you to have everything you need in your bathroom at a competitive price and with the best qualities on the market.

New bathroom image

When facing a bathroom renovation, it must be established what kind of interior design is wanted in the room. This time we have opted for a contemporary style interior design with neutral tones and soft finishes. In this way it has been possible to get a fresh and pleasant image in this bathroom renovation in Barcelona.

The walls of this bathroom have been tiled with beige tiles. An excellent option for every corner of this space to be evenly lit. In addition, it is a very pleasant shade capable of generating a calm and welcoming atmosphere. These are important features for a daily use space such as the bathroom.

Another aspect that has been renewed in bathroom interior design is the pavement. The original floor has been replaced by tiles that have a soft gray finish. This is a very grateful combination that enhances the well-being characteristics that have been implemented in the bathroom renovation.

New toilets

In the same way that a new interior design has been implemented in the bathroom, all the sanitary ware has also been changed. In this bathroom renovation in Barcelona, the functionality of a four-piece bathroom has been chosen. Now this daily hygiene space is ready to offer the best benefits in its use.

The sink has been installed to the left of the entrance. It is a floating sink with a sinus that has storage capacity at the bottom. The new bathroom cabinet has two drawers that guarantee a perfect organization for all types of products. It comes in a dark wood tone finish that fits perfectly into the overall image of the bathroom.

The new toilet and bidet have been placed right in front. In this place we can observe an excellent optimization of the available space. Both sanitary ware have modern lines connecting directly to the floor, but without losing the classic image. The toilet cistern is located in the back area.

In the part of the bottom the new zone of waters has been adapted. For this work it has been chosen to install a shower tray. A practical element that guarantees the best functionality at all times. It is protected by transparent sliding door screens. In this way, splashes are avoided in the rest of the room and there is no visual space left in the bathroom.

Other improvements

In addition to the improvements mentioned, this bathroom renovation also has other details to highlight. A sliding door has been installed at the entrance that allows you to make the most of the space available throughout the bathroom. A bathroom mirror has also been placed on the sink as it enhances the feeling of spaciousness and depth.

Bathroom renovation in Barcelona

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