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Bathroom renovation in Sancho de Ávila street in Barcelona

At Grupo Inventia we have been responsible for completely improving this bathroom. It is located in a house on Sancho de Ávila street in Barcelona. As we have mentioned on previous occasions, we develop projects for both total house renovations and partial renovations. In this case we have carried out a complete bathroom renovation. We have updated your image and installed new sanitary equipment.

Our range of options for your new bathroom is very wide. It also adapts to all decorative styles and budgets. We work with proven brands and make it available to all the best qualities on the market. Among our stock for bathroom renovations we have everything you need. Tiles, sanitary ware, furniture and a myriad of options for your new bathroom.

As you can see in the video we shared, the goal of this bathroom renovation was to modernize it and adapt it to current needs. Based on the tastes and needs of the owners, a personalized interior design project was drawn up. Our construction team has made it a reality. You can request your project without any commitment by calling 93 209 97 17.

New sanitary equipment

This is the main bathroom of the house. A space for daily use and that must offer the best benefits at all times. One of the first steps in this bathroom renovation in Barcelona was to choose the new bathrooms. We have opted for a practical three-piece bathroom that offers perfect mobility in each of its areas.

This bathroom is accessed through a sliding door. This is a very advisable element, as in this way you can make the most of the interior space of the bathroom. On the right we find the new toilet. In this case we have opted for a toilet of modern lines with the cistern hidden in the wall. If space allows it and we opt for this option we will get more visual space.

At the bottom of the room we find the new bathroom furniture with sink. It comes in a light wood finish and has four drawers for storage. A detail that will maintain order in the bathroom and properly organize all hygiene products. The sink has a round design and is placed on the countertop. In this bathroom renovation, a matte black faucet was chosen.

New shower

Another of the improvements of this bathroom renovation in terms of sanitary equipment is the change of bathtub for a shower. Definitely a detail that makes a difference and that visually expands the room. In this case, a white floor-level shower tray has been chosen. It is protected by transparent sliding door partitions with black guides. In this way it combines very naturally with the new faucet that has been installed.

Bathroom design

In addition to the renovation of the sanitary equipment, work has also been done to improve the interior design of the bathroom. To do this, our interior designers in Barcelona have developed a project based on the instructions of the owners. In general, a very fresh and pleasant image of contemporary style has been printed. Definitely two essential features for a daily use space.

The walls have been completely tiled. For this, two types of tiles with a soft gray finish have been used. In this way a bathroom has been obtained in which the light can reach each one of its corners. For the new bathroom floor, tiles with the same finish have also been chosen. With this choice the image is completely homogeneous.

Other novelties of this bathroom renovation can be found in the bathroom mirror. A large, rounded mirror has been chosen. In addition to being an indispensable element in a space like this, it helps to generate greater depth. An electric dry towel has also been placed on the right side of the door. A very practical element that is increasingly in demand.

Bathroom renovation in Barcelona

Grupo Inventia’s commitment to each house renovation project is indisputable. The years of experience in the sector allow us to offer you the best finishes for any space in your home. We have professionals who specialize in kitchen, bathroom, interior design, etc., who will make it possible for you to have everything you need in your new home.

In this case we have completely changed and improved a bathroom. We invite you to follow us on social media to know all the house rnovation projects that we are finalizing. Call us on 93 209 97 17 and request your renovation budget in Barcelona and surroundings.