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Bathroom renovation in Tiana

A new interior renovation work brings us to the town of Tiana, in the Maresme area. On this occasion we have undertaken a complete bathroom renovation to improve its image and sanitary equipment. Now it is a stay that is ready to offer the best benefits in its use.

This bathroom renovation in Tiana highlights our versatility as a renovation company. We work both in Barcelona city and in the neighborhoods areas and offer a personalized service. Our goal is to help you get everything you need for your new home.

To appreciate the finishes of this bathroom renovation in the Maresme, we share the following video. In addition, you can find out about all our projects through our social networks. We invite you to follow us and see how we work.

New bathroom image

One of the first steps in bathroom renovations is to establish what the new interior design will look like. The goal in this cleaning space has been to achieve a fresh and welcoming atmosphere. As it is a daily use stay your image should convey a relaxed feeling. To achieve this we have chosen a contemporary interior design with neutral tones.

In this way we have completely tiled the walls with beige tiles. It is a perfect shade for the light to spread evenly to all corners. At the same time, the floor tiles are also the same color to achieve a homogeneous image throughout the bathroom.

It is also complemented by the wood finishes that we can see in the new bathroom furniture. Specifically in the bathroom furniture and also in an auxiliary wardrobe. In the same way, the access door is also made of wood and has an opaque glass. Thanks to this detail, natural light also comes from other rooms.

Equipped bathroom

In addition to applying a new bathroom design, we also installed new bathroom equipment. Our catalog is very varied and we have all kinds of sanitary ware to adapt to each specific situation. This bathroom renovation is spacious and has three modern and functional sanitary pieces.

The bathroom is large and has a storage unit with two drawers. In this way we ensure an ideal space to organize hygiene products. The toilet has a classic image with the cistern at the back. It is accompanied by an additional bidet on the left side. It is a highly requested option in current bathroom renovations.

For the water area, we have opted for a white resin shower tray that is protected by sliding door screens. The shower taps are silver and recessed. At the same time, it also has a niche that works as a shelf to place bathroom products. The embossed tiles on the shower wall also stand out.

Bathroom renovation budget

We are in charge of listening to what you need and preparing a tailored and personalized project for your bathroom renovation. Request your estimate without obligation by calling 93 209 97 17.