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Bathroom renovation on Villarroel street in Barcelona

In the renovations company Grupo Inventia we are in charge of projects of total or partial renovation of house. One of our most recent works takes us to Villarroel street in Barcelona. There we carried out a complete bathroom renovation. We have the right professionals to renovate any space in your home.

In general, we have taken care of adapting this bathroom to current needs. While it remains in its original location, its entire image has been changed and new sanitary equipment has been installed. We share the finishes of this new bathroom renovation in Barcelona in the following video.

For Grupo Inventia, each renovation project in Barcelona is unique and personalized based on the needs of each client. We take care of offering you the best options for your kitchen, bathroom, interior design, etc. To request your renovation budget call us at 93 209 97 17. We will deliver it to you free of charge and without any commitment.

New image of the bathroom

One of the first steps to be determined in this bathroom renovation in Barcelona has been its new image. Our interior design department has worked based on a contemporary style design. The bathroom is a space for daily use and must present the best conditions. The goal is to get a bright room with a cozy atmosphere.

In this way, an interior design has been used in which neutral tones predominate. This makes it much easier to get a space where light reaches every corner. The walls have been tiled with a beige finish. This also manages to create a warm and quiet atmosphere. The surface of these tiles is smooth, a detail that facilitates their maintenance when cleaning it.

The floor of the bathroom has also been changed. In this bathroom renovation project, a floor with a hydraulic type finish has been chosen. A figure in a brown tone is drawn on a beige background. These are details that add personality to the bathroom and that fit perfectly with the new image intended.

Bathroom furniture

One of the new sanitary ware that has been installed in this bathroom renovation in Barcelona is the sink. It is large in size and has storage capacity at the bottom. With the two drawers of this bathroom furniture a perfect organization of all types of toilet and hygiene products is guaranteed.

At the end of this new furniture is also presented in accordance with the new interior design of the bathroom. Its finish is in a soft wood tone. It adapts perfectly to the beige tones of the wall tiles and the new pavement. A square bathroom mirror with a light on top has been placed on the sink. It is an indispensable element that contributes to generating a deeper and visually wider space.

New toilets in the bathroom

The floating sink is not the only new bathroom that has been installed. Now the bathroom also has a new toilet and water area. The toilet is located on the left side and is presented with modern lines. His body is rounded and the cistern is placed on his back. A functional piece with a very harmonious image within the whole set.

The water area occupies the left side of this bathroom renovation. A large floor-level shower tray has been installed and is protected by sliding door screens. This practical protection is transparent and does not leave even a millimeter of visual space to the room. As in the sink, the shower faucet comes with metal finishes.

In general, this bathroom renovation has given rise to a very practical and functional space. The new image creates a very pleasant atmosphere in a room that is used daily and must transmit warmth. Without a doubt it is ready to offer the best services at any time.

Bathroom renovation in Barcelona

At Grupo Inventia we have two fundamental aspects for your bathroom renovation to be a success. On the one hand we have a wide variety of finishes, furniture and sanitary parts for the bathroom. In turn, our renovation team is made up of experienced professionals who will make sure everything is perfect.

Our versatility allows us to embrace all decorative styles for any space in the house. In the same way that thanks to our variety of options we can adjust to all types of budgets. Obviously always offering the best qualities and proven manufacturers in the sector of renovations.