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Bathroom renovation work Diputació street in Barcelona

This same week in the renovations company Grupo Inventia we have completed a new rehabilitation work. This time we have carried out a complete bathroom renovation in a house located on Diputació street in Barcelona. This is a partial reform, since in Grupo Inventia we elaborate projects both for complete renovations of houses and for specific rooms. Among them the bathrooms.

We work with the best distributors and have a wide variety of options for bathroom renovation. With us you can have the bathroom you want choosing first hand all its aspects. You will also have the personalized advice of our team of interior designers in Barcelona. Thanks to our versatility we adapt to any style and offer a value for money suitable for all budgets.

Before reviewing the improvements made in this new bathroom renovation in Barcelona we share the video in which we show its general finishes. If you want to see more work done by our renovation company we invite you to follow our Youtube channel.

New sanitary equipment

One of the main innovations in this bathroom renovation is its sanitary equipment. Given the characteristics of the room and the needs of the owners has opted for a practical and functional three-piece bathroom. Another detail is that the bathroom is accessed through a sliding door. Thanks to these elements it is possible to make the most of the available space.

On the right side a washbasin of round design has been placed and located on the bathroom furniture. It has two drawers for storage and contributes to a proper organization of the stay. The storage capacity of this bathroom renovation is expanded with a vertical cabinet anchored to the wall. In this case both pieces have wood finishes.

For its part, the toilet has a classic image, with a visible cistern, although with modern and rounded lines. Finally, a masonry shower with a partition wall and sliding door partitions has been built. These are transparent and do not deprive the room of visual space.

Bathroom design

A contemporary interior design has been printed in this bathroom renovation in Barcelona. A very pleasant atmosphere has been created by combining neutral and fresh tones. Now the room looks a perfect image for a space of daily use and that requires to transmit tranquility.

The walls have been tiled halfway with beige tiles. The rest of the wall up to the ceiling has been painted white. This is an option that provides a feeling of spaciousness and brightness. It also allows you to introduce other finishes such as wood present in the cabinet of the sink and the wall cabinet.

The image of this bathroom renovation is completed with a new floor. In this case, a ceramic floor with a hydraulic finish has been chosen that combines the colors beige and blue. In the visual aspect it is a great success and also on a practical level. The bathroom needs a sturdy floor and is easy to clean, this floor covers both needs.

Bathroom renovation in Barcelona

Grupo Inventia puts at your disposal the best professionals in bathroom renovation and design. From the first moment you will have their advice and a project will be developed based on your tastes and needs. To request your quote you can call us on 93 290 97 17 or fill out the form found on the website. We will deliver it to you at no cost or commitment.