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Bedroom wardrobes and more storage

28 November, 2022 · Blog

When considering a renovation or redecoration of a house there are several points that are taken into account. Today the concept of storage is one of the most important. Regardless of the chosen decorative style, we like to have space to organize all our utensils.

One of the most important spaces is in the bedroom. It is a room intended for rest, although it also functions as a personal space. Having bedroom wardrobes is essential to be able to organize our clothes and different belongings.

Today, the home furniture market offers a wide variety of options for good bedroom storage. Based on the characteristics of the room we want to furnish, we can choose one or the other option. Let’s discuss several situations for choosing bedroom wardrobes.

Marriage bedroom

In the master bedroom the question of storage in the bedroom takes on greater meaning and it is necessary to have more space. Clothes for two people plus all bedding such as sheets, blankets or quilts. Wardrobes in the master bedroom are essential and must ensure sufficient organization space.

For this reason, it is advisable to have large wardrobes in the master bedrooms. A piece of furniture with three or four doors will be perfect to be able to store everything you need in an orderly manner. To do this, what better than allocating a wall of the room to house this wardrobe.

almacenaje dormitorio

In addition to the classic wardrobe prototype, the bedroom can also be completed with other pieces of furniture. A chest of drawers is an excellent piece of furniture for a marriage room. In addition to offering greater storage in the bedroom, it also offers the possibility of having a support surface.

More storage options

Bedroom wardrobes will be a key piece in everything related to storage and organization in the bedroom. From there we can also study more options that have a double functionality at a practical and interior design level. If you need something different and you don’t know very well how to get it, you can hire the services of an interior design studio.

A very popular option nowadays is the sofa bed and its extra storage space. In addition to having a robust structure for the mattress, the lower part of the leg can be used to store more textiles. In this sense, the sofa bed is excellent for storing large pieces of clothing such as blankets, quilts or bedding in general.

Although this would be a practical and complementary option to bedroom wardrobes, there are also options for interior design. A very used piece are trunks. At an aesthetic level, they offer many possibilities and thanks to their different finishes, they can be used in all types of decorative styles.

Storage in small bedrooms

There will also be other bedrooms in our house in which we will need to generate storage space and order. We refer to the rooms of the smallest, whether they are youth or children’s bedrooms. Although to a lesser extent, they will also need to have spaces that allow them to organize all their belongings

armarios dormitorio juvenil

In this type of case it is recommended to have small wardrobes for the room with two doors and some drawers. In this way, the youngest members of the household will be able to gain autonomy and create their own space within the home. It is common for a youth bedroom to function as a resting space and also as a study area. The more organization there is, the greater welfare.

Bedroom furniture and wardrobes

Although having storage capacity is important in a room, the market offers us a wide variety of options. From wardrobes of all sizes to other auxiliary furniture that help achieve perfect order. By using them correctly, we will have a perfect space both for the best rest.