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Before and After: bathroom renovation in Castelldefels

We recently completed a bathroom renovation work in the town of Castelldefels. Given the end result, we now want to compare the before and after improvement work done. A partial home renovation with a successful and tailor-made result for its owners.

At Grupo Inventia we are in charge of carrying out bathroom, kitchen or total renovations both in Barcelona city and in nearby towns. It would be the case of this bathroom reform in Castelldefels which we share before and after in the following video. To see the improvements made in other projects we invite you to follow our Youtube channel.

New sanitary

A bathroom renovation involves the replacement of old sanitary ware with new ones. Daily use and the passage of time make a dent in our toilets and the time has come when they must be replaced by more current ones. An aspect that we take great care of in Grupo Inventia and we offer a wide variety of options in any type of sanitary ware. In this way we can also adapt to all styles and budgets.

In this particular case, the refilled original washbasins have been replaced by floating washbasins with storage furniture at the bottom. It is a bathroom cabinet with wood finishes with two large drawers. In this way a correct capacity of organization and storage in the bathrooms is maintained.

The original pair of toilet and bidet has disappeared with this bathroom renovation. It has been decided to eliminate the bidet as it is not a used item and reduce space for the room. Now each bathroom has a modern and modern toilet line. Even in one of them it has been possible to install a floating toilet, with the cistern hidden in the wall. A perfect option to expand the visual space of the room.

This bathroom renovation in Castelldefels has also involved the improvement of the water area. In one of the bathrooms, the very small bathtub has been replaced by a practical shower tray. In the other, the bathtub has almost been renovated and maintained. Now the bathrooms are ready to offer the best services both daily and in the most relaxed moments.

New image of bathrooms

Another of the improvements that have been made in this bathroom renovation is the renovation and improvement of the interior design. This has been done based on a contemporary design in which the walls have been tiled with beige tiles. Imitation wood tiles that combine with the bathroom furniture have also been used in the bath and shower areas.

In this way it has gone from a somewhat outdated image with a very ornate design to neutral spaces, very bright and with a pleasant atmosphere. The new pavement, beige ceramic tiles, also helps with this. A big improvement over the dark floor that was in the original bathrooms.

Bathroom renovation in Barcelona

In Grupo Inventia we have the right professionals so that your bathroom renovation is perfect and has everything you need. To request your project plus budgets you can fill out this form or call us at 93 209 97 17. We will deliver them to you at no cost or commitment.