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Before and after: flat renovation in Barcelona

One of our most recent home renovations takes us to Comandante Benítez street in Barcelona. There we have been responsible for improving all aspects of this home. In this flat renovation in Barcelona we have made improvements both in the aspect of the image and in that of the facilities.

To see the improvements and changes made in a flat renovation it is best to compare the before and after. This time the change is noticeable from the hall to the last room. Now this home is ready to offer and guarantee the best features and operation. Spaces have also been redistributed, so beyond the image it has also changed in layout.

We will discuss all these details and improvements one by one. Anyway, at least we didn’t go down without explaining ourselves first. In addition to this flat renovation in Barcelona you can see many completed projects on our Youtube channel. You can also follow us on different social networks that we update daily.

Open kitchen renovation

The kitchen is one of the most important spaces in a home and one of the most requested renovations. For these reasons we have specialized in kitchen renovations in order to offer the best options in all cases. This time walls have been torn down and a new kitchen has been created open to the livingroom.

A U-shaped kitchen layout has been used, as it guarantees perfect mobility and a lot of functionality in its use. The new appliances are integrated in the left end of the kitchen cabinet. In this way they are located in the same place and there are custom spaces for a refrigerator, an oven, a microwave and a wine cellar.

From there, a U-shaped countertop is born that has a ceramic hob and sink. It also offers a large support and work surface. The new kitchen furniture also expands the storage capacity. There are drawers and cabinets along the entire bottom of the countertop and also cabinets at the top left.

Renovation and new bathrooms

In this flat renovation in Barcelona, the original bathroom has been renovated and a new one has been created. For this second, the space in which the gallery and the clothesline were located has been adapted. Thanks to this improvement the floor now has an extra space of hygiene, modern and fully equipped.

As for the new toilets, each bathroom has been equipped with three pieces. A new washbasin with storage cabinet has been installed in its lower area and is accompanied by a modern toilet. In both bathroom renovations, the water area is occupied by a shower tray that is protected by sliding door partitions.

A new style has also been chosen for the new image of the bathrooms. It is a modern design that has generated two very bright and visually spacious spaces. The walls have been tiled with white beveled tiles and a hydraulic floor has been laid.

Contemporary interior design

Another of the improvements that have been made in this flat renovation is the updating of the interior design of the house. A contemporary and contemporary style interior design has been chosen to improve the image. The goal of achieving bright and spacious spaces that create cozy environments has been achieved.

For them, the walls of the common areas and the bedrooms have been painted in a soft beige tone. In this way, natural light can flow smoothly throughout the floor. The new doors and windows are white and create a nice contrast with the wall. Following the line, the sockets are also white.

The improvement of the interior design has been completed by placing a new floor on the entire surface of this flat in Barcelona. A parquet floor in light wood tones has been chosen. A perfect choice, as it is a resistant floor in the practical and very pleasant in the visual section. Its wood finish creates a feeling of warmth suitable for a home.

Flat renovation budget

At the house renovations company Grupo Inventia, we put the best professionals in the sector at your disposal. We take care of renovating your home as you like, we offer the best options for all your needs. To request your quote you can call us on 93 209 97 17, we will deliver it to you without obligation.