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Before and after: flat renovation in Barcelona

In the renovations company Grupo Inventia we continue finishing projects of improvement of interior design and renovation. One of our most recent works brings us closer to Sant Pere de Abanto street in Barcelona. There we have taken care of a flat renovation, improving all its image and facilities.

Once finished we discuss the improvements that have been introduced in all its spaces, but now we want to compare the before and after. In this way you can see all the changes that have been made in each space of the house. Thanks to this type of comparison we can show in a real way how our professionals work in interior design and renovations.

In addition to commenting on the improvements we have made, we share the before and after of this house renovation in the following video. In it you can see how the new kitchen and bathroom are, as well as how a much more current and modern image has been applied. To improve your home with everything you need, call 93 209 97 17 and request your project without obligation.

Open kitchen

As in many other renovations we have done, this time we have gone from a separate kitchen to an open kitchen. This is one of the most requested changes in a flat renovation. That a space as important as the kitchen is connected is seen as a great advantage, in addition to providing a current image.

Despite such a remarkable change, the kitchen has remained distributed on two fronts. On the right side has been placed a kitchen cabinet with a countertop and storage capacity at the bottom and top. A ceramic hob has been installed on the countertop and the new appliances have been integrated at the far left. These include a refrigerator, oven and microwave.

On the left side is the one open to the livingroom and a new countertop has been installed. In addition to expanding the support surface in the kitchen also has the sink. Another feature of this space is the breakfast bar. The counter top comes out of the base and creates a perfect place for breakfast, fast food or coffee with visitors.

New bathroom

In this flat renovation, all the elements of the bathroom have also been changed. Now this important space is ready to offer the best features in its use. The improvements include a complete makeover and the installation of new modern and functional sanitary equipment.

One of the great improvements of this bathroom renovation is the new design. Although the original condition was in good condition, it looked a bit outdated. A contemporary design with neutral tones has been applied to remedy this. The original tiles on the walls have been removed and large beige tiles have been laid. This creates a much brighter bathroom with a pleasant atmosphere.

The new bathroom floor that has been placed also contributes to improving this point. The original floor was white tiles and in poor condition. Now the new pavement is an imitation wood ceramic floor that helps to generate a more harmonious and relaxed image. A perfect image for a space for daily use such as the bathroom.

All the sanitary equipment in this bathroom renovation has also been changed. A washbasin with storage unit and a toilet have been installed. For its part, the bidet has been dispensed with and the shower has been maintained as the water area. In general, it is a highly functional bathroom with modern elements.

New interior image

In this flat renovation in Barcelona, work has also been done to improve the interior design of the entire home. To do this, our interior designers have worked based on the tastes of the owners. In general, it has been decided to apply a contemporary style to achieve spaces with a feeling of spaciousness and cozy.

In this way the walls have been painted with a soft beige tone, highlighting the new white doors. Thanks to this color, natural light can flow smoothly and reach every corner of the house. The floor has also been changed for all spaces, including the livingroom or bedrooms.

Our catalog on home flooring is extensive and varied. We can guarantee that you will find the new floor you want for your home. In this case, the old-fashioned parquet floor has been removed and a ceramic floor with a soft wood finish has been laid. The color of the new floor fits perfectly with the overall image of this flat renovation. In addition, the ceramics we use are always a resistant and durable material.

Renovation budget

Our interior design and renovation professionals are in charge of providing personalized advice throughout the process of your house renovation. We will always be available to answer any questions and we will keep you up to date with the progress that is being made in your new home. Contact us and request your no-obligation renovation quote.