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Before and after: home renovation in Juan de Garay street

The exposition of the result of a home renovation allows us to show all the improvements that the Grupo Inventia team has made in the housing in question. Even better than comparing the before and after, being able to really see that the finishes have completely changed the original state.

Let’s go over the details of the home renovation that Grupo Inventia carried out in a house located on Juan de Garay street in Barcelona. Before, we shared a video in which you can fully appreciate the before and after work of our team of home renovations in Barcelona.

Kitchen renovation

In this case, we moved from a kitchen located in a separate room to an open kitchen with much more spacious. The current kitchen is U-shaped and has ample storage and work space. It also has bespoke gaps to fit all appliances.

In this kitchen renovation has been given much importance to white. In addition to following the decorative line of its annexed spaces, it is the best option to achieve greater luminosity and visual amplitude. As we mentioned, various cabinets and drawers have been placed along the entire bottom of the stove, and in some places on the upper one. This contributes to the fact that the kitchen can always be organized.

Bathroom renovation

The original bathroom of this home was presented with an outdated image and needs to be renovated all his sanitary equipment. After the work done, it has been moved from a narrow space with a complicated layout to a bright and spacious space. In turn, this bathroom renovation has been renovated all sanitary equipment, which are ready to offer the best features and functionality in their use.

A sink with built-in storage furniture, a suspended toilet and a large shower tray make up the new sanitary equipment in this bathroom. The interior design has also improved. The walls have been painted white, greatly enhancing the luminosity. The floor has been used a colorful hydraulic type floor with lots of personality.

Home renovations in Barcelona

At Inventia Group we have the best professionals in the sector of home renovations in Barcelona. Call us at 93 209 97 17 and ask for your project and budget for renovation. We will deliver it to you for free and without obligation.