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Before and after: house renovation at Diputació street

We recently completed a new house renovation in the city of Barcelona, specifically in a house located at Diputació street. Before commenting on the details of this new work by Grupo Inventia we share a video that can be appreciated before and after this house renovation.

Kitchen renovation

When the kitchen was placed in an own room, it was opted for a U-shaped distribution, since all the spaces were used. On the left side was placed a piece of furniture with hollows to fit the new appliances, thus giving way to a central countertop. On this, in addition to providing a wide surface of support, a ceramic hob was installed.

The counter top is on the right side, the place chosen to place the sink. This kitchen renovation also highlights the expansion of the storage capacity of the room, as it has several drawers and cabinets along the lower part of the kitchen.

Bathrooms renovation

The bathrooms were equipped with sanitary elements that offer the best features and functionality in their use, both for the day to day and for the most calm ones. Each bathroom has a sink, which accompanies a storage cabinet at the bottom, a toilet and a practical shower.

For the new image of the two bathrooms with which the house counted, he opted for neutral and clear tone, with the aim of generating more sensation of amplitude and luminosity. The walls were completely tiled with beige tiles, a color that very well accepted the rest of the elements. These include the washbasin cabinet, with finishes in clear wood or pavement, for which stoneware tiles were used in a soft gray tone.

House renovation in Barcelona

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