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Before and after house renovation in Barcelona

A few days ago we presented a new projecto of house renovation in Barcelona that we have finished. A fully improved home in Bassegoda street, in the Sants neighborhood. Now we want to buy the before and after of the comprehensive reform to appreciate all the changes we have applied.

It is a commercial premises converted into a modern and functional home. In this sense, our team of professionals has turned a disused space into a real home. From the interior design to the works, all the changes can be seen in the following video. To learn more about our work, follow us on social media.

New interior design

The original image of this home was a very damaged commercial premises. It had not been used for a long time and its elements were beginning to deteriorate. The before and after house renovation is a complete change. We applied a new interior image, new installations and also redistributed and created new rooms.

In this way, it has gone from a deteriorated and dull image to a contemporary interior design with a lot of vitality. To paint the walls we chose a soft shade of beige, a warm and cozy color. We installed new white doors to create a subtle contrast and make them well defined.

Another novelty in this interior renovation are the floors we have installed. For the common areas and the bathrooms we have opted for a hydraulic type floor. In turn, in the bedrooms we have placed a parquet imitation ceramic floor. In both cases we managed to integrate them perfectly into the overall picture.

Equipped kitchen

We have created the kitchen from scratch, as there was none before the renovation. We have placed it at the end of the house, right in the space that also gives access to the terrace. We have created a multifunctional space that brings together the kitchen and the dining and lounge areas. In this way, the flat is perfectly organized.

For practical purposes, it is a fully equipped linear kitchen with a large storage capacity. Both in the lower and upper part of the kitchen cabinet there are drawers and cupboards, as well as integrated appliances. In the lower area we have installed the oven and the dishwasher, in the upper area, the microwave. At the same time, the refrigerator is located on the left side.

The kitchen furniture is white and has smooth panels. It is combined with a wooden finishing table that we have equipped with the vitroceramic plate and the sink. In this way, the kitchen offers great functionality and is located in a large and comfortable space to be used every day.

New bathrooms

The original premises had a bathroom, but nothing to do with the ones we have created for this home. One of them is located in the kitchen area, right next to the terrace, and also functions as a laundry room. In addition to having complete sanitary equipment with toilet, toilet and shower, it also has a washing machine.

In this old premises we have created different rooms and one is a second bathroom. It is a fully equipped bathroom that has a modern and functional use. In the two bathroom renovations we have used the same design, fresh and in keeping with the rest of the flat. The walls are tiled at half height with white bevelled tiles and the floor is of the hydraulic type.

Budget of house renovation in Barcelona

At Grupo Inventia we are in charge of improving your home in everything you need. The changes you will see in the before and after will be incredible. You can request a renovation budget by calling 93 209 97 17, we will give it to you without obligation.