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Before and after: house renovation in Barcelona

A while ago we presented the result of the house renovation that we completed in Calle Marià Cubí in Barcelona. Both in the video and in the photo gallery we show the new aspect of all the spaces on the floor. Now we want to buy the original state with the current one to see all the changes in detail.

As part of this renovation in Barcelona, work has been carried out to redistribute rooms, paint, lay floors, etc. In short, a house renovation of the entire floor to update it to current needs and trends. The best before and after this renovation in Barcelona can be seen in the following video.

New main space

When you see the result of this interior renovation, the main living room area catches your attention. A large area that has two doors that give access to the balcony and allow natural light to enter. As in other spaces, a contemporary interior design with neutral tones and parquet flooring has been used.

This idyllic space for a modern home is born from the union of two bedrooms. This was the original distribution and thanks to our project of interior design we have achieved one of the best changes for this house. This way you have an ideal space to be with the family and socialize with visitors.

The contemporary image extends to the entire floor from the hallway to the bedrooms. The walls have been painted white to create bright and spacious spaces. On the other hand, the parquet floor provides the ideal point of warmth for spaces of rest such as bedrooms. In the latter, the new built-in wardrobes that provide storage capacity in each room stand out.

Open kitchen

In the kitchen renovation we see another of the big changes that we have been responsible for making. In the original layout, the kitchen was located in a separate room and had a very outdated image. Now the space of the original kitchen has been used for another purpose and the kitchen is located in another area.

The new kitchen has an open concept and is located in the old living room. It has gained in width and the distribution of the kitchen on two fronts gives it greater mobility. The kitchen has a main unit with a worktop equipped with a cooking plate and a sink. Both the upper and lower parts have cupboards and drawers for kitchen storage.

The design of the kitchen is integrated into the rest of the house. The new kitchen furniture is white and the floor is the same as the one we have placed in the living room and other spaces. The kitchen is connected to the main area of the floor where the exposed brick ceiling has been restored.

Modern and functional bathroom

The redistribution of silver has led to several changes and among them is also the toilet space. Now this apartment has a bathroom with a modern image and complete sanitary equipment. In this case, it has gone from the two original bathrooms to one that provides the best features.

One of the new sanitary facilities is the toilet with built-in storage furniture. In this way, the toilet has a perfect piece of furniture to store and organize hygiene products. It is accompanied by a toilet of modern lines with the cistern in the back. Finally, we have installed a shower tray protected by transparent screens.

Beige tiles have been used to tile the walls. A similar color has also been chosen for the new bathroom floor tiles. In the bathroom, the contemporary image of this whole renovation in Barcelona has been maintained. Now this toilet is ready to offer the best services from the first day.

Renovation budget in Barcelona

Our experience as a renovation company and the versatility of our professionals allow us to carry out all types of renovations in Barcelona. We prepare a preliminary project based on the needs of each owner and we follow up daily throughout the construction process. Contact us and request your no-obligation renovation budget.