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Before and after house renovation: Marina street

One of our latest house renovations in Barcelona takes us to Marina street de Barcelona. We have been in charge of renovating and improving all the spaces in this house. Among the novelties we can talk about a new interior design in all spaces. Also new equipment and improvement of facilities.

To check all these changes, the best thing to do is before and after house renovation. In this way we can expose the change in a real way and expressed by us. On this occasion, the changes are noticeable in all parts of the house. From painting work to installation of new doors and windows.

In the following video you can see the before and after of this house renovation in Barcelona. On our YouTube channel we have created a list with all before and after different projects that we have finished. As you can see, we are responsible for carrying out comprehensive reforms in Barcelona city and also in nearby towns.

New kitchen

One of the most notable improvements is the relocation of the kitchen. While in the original floor it was in its own room, now it has become an open kitchen. In addition, we have located it in the central area of the floor. Its adjacent areas are the dining room and the living room. In this way we have connected three living spaces in a very fluid way.

On a practical level, it is a kitchen with a two-front layout with a large storage capacity. The new appliances are integrated into the same kitchen furniture. Now the refrigerator, the oven, the microwave or the dishwasher are in a functional area for daily use. By having two countertops, it has a large support and work surface.

The main worktop has marble finishes and has a glass ceramic plate. On the other hand, the worktop on the open side is finished in wood and there we have placed the single-breasted sink. Being an open kitchen renovation, it maintains the overall image of the rest of the house. The kitchen furniture is white and enhances the brightness and spaciousness in the area.

Bathrooms and modern design

Comparing the before and after the house renovation, we can see that the result of the bathroom renovation has been a success. In this case the hygiene spaces have been kept in their original location. We have obviously improved both its interior design and its sanitary equipment. Now they are ready to offer the best services.

The main bathroom has a new toilet, toilet and shower area with a rectangular shower tray. To protect it, we have installed transparent screens with sliding doors. At image level, we have tiled the walls with neutral tone tiles to achieve a fresh and spacious environment.

From the lounge area we can access the second hygiene space. It is a toilet that has a toilet with storage furniture and a floating toilet. Two sanitary elements with modern lines and which fit very well with the new essence of her home. The walls have been tiled with blue tiles and we have placed a beige ceramic floor.

New interiors

Another of the improvements of this renovation in Barcelona has to do with the interior design of this home. Comparing before and after, they look like two different floors, since we have renovated all the corners. We have smoothed all the walls and painted them in neutral colors. In this way, we can take advantage of the large entrances of natural light to enhance the luminosity and the feeling of spaciousness.

The door changes are very noticeable, as we have removed the original wooden doors and replaced them with white doors with a modern design. Another striking change is that of the pavement. This floor has gone from having a white tile floor to a parquet imitation ceramic floor.

This is one of the many improvements that express the new contemporary interior design that we have applied. Our interior designers in Barcelona have been in charge of personalized advice so that the owners can get the home of their dreams.

Custom house renovation

Contact us by calling 93 209 97 17 and request your project plus renovation budget. We will take note of your needs and offer you the best proposals adjusted to your budget. We only work with trusted brands and suppliers so that the before and after house renovation are as efficient as this one.