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Before and after: house renovation on Sant Ildefons street of Barcelona

One of the last house renovations we have made to Grupo Inventia is the one we did on Sant Ildefons street in Barcelona. We carry out a complete renovation, both in the area of interior design of all spaces and in the equipment of rooms such as the kitchen or the bathroom.

Given this, we will discuss the improvements made before and after this new house renovation. To begin with, in the following video you can see in a more visual way all the changes made by the Grupo Inventia’s team.

New interior design

One of the most significant changes has been the image of the home. Although the original state was not bad at all, the owners of the property wanted to print in all the rooms a contemporary decorative style. Thanks to the interior design project now the home looks much brighter and visually wider.

For this we opted for white when painting the walls. This is the best option because it allows natural light to expand in every corner of the house. This neutral color is combined with a laminate parquet flooring in medium wood tones. This decorative style is also used in the new image of the kitchen and the bathroom.

Kitchen and bathroom renovations

The kitchen is open and kept in the same location. However, to this has been added a breakfast bar, achieving greater support and work space and a functional distribution of kitchen in the U. The appliances have changed their location to make a kitchen much more functional. For example, the washing machine has been moved to the bathroom, taking advantage of its space to provide more storage capacity in the kitchen.

The bathroom has also been expanded and the layout of the modern sanitary equipment more modern. It consists of a sink with storage furniture, toilet and shower. In turn, the tiling of the walls has been changed, from classic tiles to beige tiles that create a much cooler and more pleasant atmosphere.

House renovations in Barcelona

Grupo Inventia offers you the best professionals in the sector of house renovations in Barcelona. To request your budget for house renovation, which we will deliver free of charge and without obligation, by calling 93 209 97 17.