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Before and after house renovation: Sugranyes street

In order to enjoy a real home, you must first have a good rehabilitation. This is the case of the house renovation that we have carried out on Sugranyes street in Barcelona. We have taken care of adapting it to the current needs in all its spaces. It is now ready to offer the best features at all times.

It has been a very complete house renovation in which both the interior design section and the facilities section have been improved. In addition, a change of location of stays has been made to achieve a more effective distribution. In this way, new spaces have been created that are much more functional and modern than the original ones.

To check this we compare the before and after house renovation. We detail the improvements and news in this text and also share the following video. In it you can see all the changes we have made and how we have worked to achieve an excellent result. In addition to Barcelona we also move to nearby towns, you can see all the house renovation on our Youtube channel.

New image and new spaces

One of the most visual improvements is the new interior design of this house. Now the image of all their spaces is much more up to date. In this integral renovation in Barcelona a contemporary interior design with neutral tones has been used. The walls of spaces such as the livingroom or bedrooms have been painted in a soft beige tone. In this way, light has been generated throughout the house in addition to creating very cozy environments.

Thanks to this work, the image of this flat in Barcelona has been homogenized. Before, the walls of each space were painted in different colors. Another element that helps to unify the image is the new pavement. He is now in charge of defining each space very well. In the area of the kitchen and livingroom is of hydraulic type, in the ceramic bathrooms and in the bedrooms and parquet hall.

Another improvement that rounds out the contemporary interior design that has been applied with the new doors and windows. The white doors create modernity in the rooms and contrast very well with the color of the walls. On the other hand, the windows have also been changed and are now made of double glazed aluminum carpentry. In this way a correct acoustic and thermal insulation is achieved.

Kitchen open to the livingroom

One of the spaces that has also been improved in this house renovation is the kitchen. Our renovation company specializes in kitchen renovations. This is one of the most requested jobs and we adapt to all needs by offering the best options. In this renovation project in Barcelona a change of location has been made.

The original kitchen is now a fully furnished bedroom, while the new kitchen is located in the main area. The livingroom and dining room space have been adapted to achieve a multifunctional area of three spaces. This is where the kitchen has been placed, a kitchen open to the livingroom and which has a kitchen bar that serves as a dining space.

The kitchen is distributed in an L-shape and has all the necessary amenities for proper operation. It has a large storage capacity and all appliances are integrated into the kitchen cabinet. In turn, it has been visually integrated into the rest of the space. The kitchen furniture is white and combines perfectly with the beige color of the walls.

Updated modern bathrooms

The two bathrooms in the house have also been completely renovated. In this case the change is very noticeable and outdated toilets have been moved to two modern bathrooms both in image and equipment. They are now ready to offer the best services at all times and complement each other as hygiene spaces.

In both cases, there is a three-piece bathroom. Each has a washbasin with storage furniture, a toilet and a water area. In the two bathroom renovations this last element is a shower tray that is protected by partitions. As a result, two very functional bathrooms have been obtained.

For the new image, the decorative line of the rest of the house has been followed. In each bathroom a contemporary interior design has been applied in which neutral tones predominate. In this way the bathrooms are bright and are presented in a pleasant atmosphere very suitable for a space that is of daily use.

House renovation budget

If you liked this before and after house renovation you can also have it in your home. We draw up your project and deliver it to you at no cost or commitment. Along with it, you will also receive, under the same conditions, a detailed reform budget tailored to your needs. You can request it by calling 93 209 97 17.