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Before and after: house renovations in Barcelona

A few days ago at the Grupo Inventia house renovations company we completed a new renovation and interior design work on a house located on Canalejas street in Barcelona. We shared the result on this same web, but this time we will compare the before and after, making the changes and improvements that were made more apparent.

It was a complete overhaul, in which interior design, restoration of original elements, redistribution of rooms and their furnishing were carried out, among others. All of this can be seen in a more visual way in the video we share below.

Interior design

As with many house renovations we have done at Grupo Inventia, homeowners have requested a rejuvenation of their image. Our department of interior design in Barcelona was in charge of developing a project tailored to your needs, applying modern elements, but also using original elements offered by the original architecture.

In this way, the rooms were bright and spacious, in which neutral shades are the protagonists. Walls painted white and combined with excellent parquet flooring in natural wood tones. In turn, white wooden doors were placed, giving a more current image to the whole environment.

As we mentioned also the original elements were restored and the brick exposed was given prominence. The plasterboards were removed from both the ceiling of the livingroom and the wall on which the kitchen now stands. This has achieved stays with a modern and modern image with the addition of style between vintage and industrial.

Kitchen and bathroom renovations

The original kitchen was in a separate room and was a cramped thing. After the work of complete reform, the kitchen is open concept and much more functional. With a linear kitchen distribution, it is equipped with all the necessary appliances and has expanded storage capacity, which gives more visual space.

For their part, the bathrooms were thoroughly reformed, both in image and in sanitary equipment. Both rooms are ready to offer the best features with sink, toilet and shower. All wrapped in a contemporary decorative style that features the white subway type tiles with which the walls were tiled.

House renovations Barcelona

Grupo Inventia offers you a house renovation project tailored to your needs. Both the 3D designs and the project budget are delivered to you for free and without obligation, so you can have a clear idea of the work that will be performed before signing the contract. You can call us at 93 209 97 17 to request it.