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Before and After: renovation in Barcelona

One of our latest renovations in Barcelona we did in Mossèn Amadeu Oller street. In this house we have taken it upon ourselves to improve both the interior design of the rooms and their equipment. It is a complete interior design and interior renovation project.

To see all the improvements made in this renovation in Barcelona we will compare the before and after. In addition, a redistribution of stays has been carried out, including the demolition of walls to open up spaces. In the following video you can see how we have turned a simple flat into a modern and functional home.

Kitchen renovation

In our renovation company we have a department specializing in kitchens. For this renovation in Barcelona, we opted for an open kitchen connected to other areas of the house such as the living room and dining room. The curiosity of the project is that we placed the new kitchen in the original place of the bathroom.

We opened up the space between a bedroom and the original bathroom for a spectacular facelift. We have created a spacious space that connects key areas of the home. The kitchen is open to the lounge and dining room. The new kitchen furniture is divided into two modules where we have integrated all the equipment.

The right side is the main one and features an elongated counter and storage capacity at the bottom and top. It has several drawers and cabinets to organize all kinds of kitchen items. It is also equipped with a ceramic hob, an oven and a microwave.

Contemporary interior design

The kitchen has just been completed with a piece of furniture on the left side with a custom-made space for the refrigerator and a small counter equipped with the sink. It also has cupboards for storing kitchen products or small appliances. In this way, the black kitchen furniture is well integrated into the new contemporary design.

Both in the common areas and in the bedrooms we have painted the walls white. Thanks to this we manage to make the most of natural light and let it flow easily through all the corners. In cases like this one, the aim is to maximize the feeling of spaciousness and brightness. Key features of family flats.

Another improvement over the original property is that we have replaced the wood finish doors with white doors. A more homogeneous and linear image is now projected onto a new pavement as a whole. To replace the stoneware floor that the apartment had, we opted for a parquet flooring in medium wood tones. Thanks to this we get a greater feeling of warmth in all the rooms.

New bathroom

Another of the radical changes of this renovation in Barcelona can be found in the new bathroom. Now the cleaning space of the house is located in the original place of the kitchen. Undoubtedly a meticulous work to achieve an optimal distribution of spaces. After removing everything related to the old kitchen, we adapted the bathroom to offer the best features.

The old tiles have given way to elegant gray tiles. We have completely tiled the walls creating a fresh and relaxed atmosphere. For the new bathroom floor, we installed blue tiles with a distressed effect. They bring a touch of personality to the beautiful interior design of the bathroom.

The new sanitary ware also shines with its own light. The toilet is a stone shell that provides a unique image, in addition to the usual functionality. It is accompanied by a capsule-shaped floating toilet with a hidden cistern. For the water area, we opted for a square and wide shower tray.

Budget renovation in Barcelona

In our renovation company, we prepare your project to measure and adjust to your needs. Contact us by calling 93 209 97 17.