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Before and After: bathroom renovation in Rubí

In the house renovations company Grupo Inventia we have finalized a new project. We did it in the town of Rubí and it is a complete bathroom renovation. In this work, improvements have been made to the interior design of the room. Sanitary equipment has also been changed and more modern and functional parts have been installed.

This bathroom renovation project exemplifies two options that we also offer at Grupo Inventia. On the one hand, carrying out house renovation work in towns near Barcelona. On the other hand, the possibility of elaborating partial reform projects. In this renovation in Rubí it has been a bathroom, although we also make them for kitchen renovations or interior design.

Before commenting on the details and improvements made in this bathroom renovation we have shared the video of your before and after. If you want to know more work done by our team of professionals we invite you to follow our Youtube channel and other social networks. We take care of updating them daily with the best photos and videos of our house renovations.

New image for the bathroom

One of the purposes of this bathroom renovation in Rubí was to completely change the image of the room. Based on the tastes and needs of the owners, our interior design department developed a complete project to change and improve the image. The bathroom is still located in its original space, although after the passage of Grupo Inventia it is completely different.

The main task has been to remove the original tiles that tiled the walls. In this way it has gone from an ornate bathroom in blue and white to a much more neutral and cool space. White and imitation wood tiles have been used for the new tiling of the walls. The result of the combination of both is perfect and their image is much more current and with more personality.

The faux wood tiles are on the shower walls and combine perfectly with the new flooring. It is an imitation parquet ceramic floor capable of generating a very cozy stay. It is also an ideal surface for a bathroom, as it resists moisture very well and is easy to clean.

Sanitary equipment

In the same way that this bathroom renovation has changed the image of the room, all the sanitary ware has also been renovated. From a bathroom with sanitary ware with a classic image of yesteryear, it has been changed to a much more modern bathroom. The current sanitary equipment is ready to offer the best benefits and functionality in its use.

The toilets have gone from four to three pieces. In this way it is possible to generate more space and those elements that were not used have been removed. The first change is found in the sink and the accompanying furniture. From a washbasin with a ceramic finish it has been moved to a floating bathroom cabinet with two large drawers for storage. The sink is round in design and is placed on the worktop.

The original bathroom had a bidet, which has been the sanitary part that has been removed. For its part, the toilet remains on the left side, just after the sink. Whereas before it was a toilet to use with the cistern on the back, now it is a floating toilet with the cistern hidden in the wall. If you have enough space this is a perfect option to give the bathroom modernity and visual breadth.

Bathtub change by shower

Another change that has been made in this bathroom renovation is the change of bathtub to shower tray. This is one of the most popular options for homeowners who want to renovate their bathrooms. A shower tray offers the best features both in the day to day and in the most relaxed moments. It is also presented as a practical option that requires easy maintenance.

In this renovation in Rubí, the original bathtub has been removed and a white shower tray has been placed flush with the floor. An option much more in line with the new modern image of the bathroom. In the shower, faucets in matte black have been installed, combining with the sink faucet. A work shelf has also been built, a perfect space to organize bathroom products.

Bathroom renovation in Barcelona and surroundings

This has been the result of our most recent bathroom renovation. On this same website you can see other projects carried out to date which include renovations to the kitchen, bathroom, interior design, etc. You can request your project and renovation budget by calling 93 209 97 17. One of our professionals will assist you and take note of your instructions to prepare it. We deliver it without any commitment.