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Before and after: flat renovation in Barcelona

A few days ago we presented the final result of the flat renovation in Barcelona that we were carrying out in an apartment located on Riera Blanca street. The work that our professionals have done has been perfect and the goals have been achieved. Now let’s compare the before and after to see the real change directly.

At the flat renovation company Grupo Inventia, we are in charge of improving the image and equipment of all types of homes. We have a team of professionals who will be in direct contact with you to analyze the day to day of the construction process. Thanks to our versatility we can offer customized and tailored renovation projects.

At the same time we have a wide range of options for your new livingroom, kitchen, bathrooms, bedrooms, etc. We adapt to all types of needs and budgets and offer the best qualities on the market. We only work with contrasting brands and with which we can guarantee the best finishes and a successful result.

New open kitchen

One of the changes that has taken place in this renovation in Barcelona has to do with the kitchen. A redistribution of rooms has been carried out and the kitchen has been relocated in order to make it more functional. Specifically, it has gone from being located in a separate room to being a open kitchen to the living room and dining room.

In this way a space as important as the kitchen is integrated as a protagonist element of the house. The main space has been used to the fullest and in addition to the kitchen there are also dining and living areas. In turn, a new bedroom has been created in the old kitchen location.

As for the kitchen renovation itself we have a linear distribution kitchen and complete equipment. The kitchen is ready to offer the best features and has both a support and work surface and storage space. No doubt it has achieved a space with a lot of mobility and that ensures functionality in its use.

Renovated bathrooms

Other spaces that have been improved in this flat renovation in Barcelona are the bathrooms. One of them has been kept in its original location and has been renewed both in image and equipment. In turn, a new second bathroom has been created by dividing one of the bedrooms.

Each of them has three new sanitary ware. In particular, a washbasin, a toilet and, in the water area, a shower tray have been installed. In this way, each bathroom is ready to offer functionality in its use at any time. With our bathroom remodeling options we can get you everything you need.

The image of these two bathrooms has also been improved and modernized. The old-fashioned original tiles have been replaced by white metro-type tiles. The rest of the wall up to the ceiling has been painted the same color. At the entrance, two bright and visually spacious bathrooms are generated, perfect features for spaces for daily use.

Contemporary interior design

This renovation project in Barcelona has also involved work to improve the interior design of the home. Comparing the before and after you can see an excellent change in the image of all the spaces of the house. To do this, painting work has been done and the doors, plinths and the entire pavement have also been changed.

The walls have gone from being white to being painted a soft beige tone. In this way it has been possible to generate a warm and welcoming atmosphere throughout the house. In general, perfect features for a home. This is how spaces like the livingroom, the dining room and the bedrooms look. With the new interior design, a homogeneous and contemporary image is generated.

On the other hand, new white sliding doors have been installed. In addition to its most modern image, it also makes the most of the space in each bedroom or bathroom. All this is combined with the new pavement that has been placed on the entire surface of the house. This is a parquet floor in medium wood tones. It helps to unify the overall image of the entire floor and also generates greater warmth in the environment.

Flat renovation before and after

With this type of comparison we want to highlight the excellent work we do in Grupo Inventia. Our renovations are fully customized and tailored to the specific needs of each client. In addition, our professionals advise personally in order to find the best options for the new home.

You can call us on 93 209 987 17 and request your flat renovation quote. Once we have it ready, we will deliver it to you with the 3D project at no cost or commitment.