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Before and after flat renovation Barcelona

The result of the flat renovation that we have done in Carrer Rector Triadó is spectacular. However, compared to the original condition of the house is much better and shows the great work of the professionals of Grupo Inventia. If we compare the before and after of renovation we can see the potential of a home that looked like a single use.

In addition, at Grupo Inventia we can adapt to all types of requests and also adjust to any budget. Our catalog of options is very varied and of great quality. From here, the experience of our professionals in interior design and renovations comes into play so that your home becomes a home.

We share the finishes of this flat renovation in Barcelona in the following video. Follow us on social media, we add new content every day.

Interior and exterior renovation

This renovations has been so complete that we have updated both the interior spaces and the exterior area. When choosing the new interior design, we have opted for a contemporary image. The aim has been to generate bright, spacious and welcoming spaces. These are essential features for a home to convey the best comfort.

To achieve this, the color beige has been used to paint the walls. This way we have managed to let the light flow through the whole house and fill it with life. They also make the most of all the natural light that this floor has. A big change from the original image with worn and inconsistent colors.

The new interior image is completed by the new white doors and the new parquet flooring. The new floor is presented with a finish in medium wood tones. It generates a perfect warmth in spaces such as the living room or bedrooms. At the same time we have been responsible for carrying out the terrace renovation. The walls have been painted with special exterior paint and a new floor has also been placed. Now the terrace is a perfect meeting space.

Kitchen and bathroom renovations

Other spaces that have been completely renovation are the kitchen and bathrooms. In our renovation company we have an excellent offer for these important spaces. We only work with trusted suppliers and proven brands that guarantee reliability. We offer renovations and quality materials suitable for all budgets.

In this flat renovation in Barcelona, ​​the kitchen has changed location. It has gone from being in a separate space, which is now a bedroom, to being a kitchen open to the dining room and living room. It is a 100% equipped linear distribution kitchen and offers other advantages such as a large storage capacity. The white kitchen furniture integrates perfectly with the new modern image of this apartment.

The bathrooms have also been improved to provide spaces to meet current needs. Each has a washbasin with storage furniture, a toilet and a shower tray protected by partitions. For the new image of this bathroom renovation, a half-height tile with white beveled tiles has been chosen.

Bedroom furniture

Another of the services we offer to our interior design company in Barcelona is the assembly and placement of furniture. In this renovation in Barcelona we have taken care of completely furnishing the bedrooms, the living room and also the dining room. Like all Grupo Inventia services it is personalized and based on your tastes and needs.

Now each bedroom has a bed, a wardrobe and a work area. In general, functional and cozy rooms have been achieved. Rest and comfort are assured, as well as a correct order thanks to the storage capacity. Each bedroom has a double glazed aluminum window.

For its part, the main area houses the dining room and has been furnished with a large table and several chairs. As it is next to the open kitchen, a perfect connection is generated between the two spaces. A multi-seater sofa has been placed in the living area and a TV has been anchored to the wall. A perfect space to relax and socialize.

Floor renovation budget

If you want to hire one of our renovation services you can call us on 93 209 97 17. We take care of you personally and take note of all your needs. In less than a week we will have your project + budget ready. We will deliver them to you free of charge at no cost, completely free.