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Before and after: flat renovation in Passeig Fabra i Puig

The best way to see the improvements that have been made in a house renovation is to compare before and after. So this is what we are going to do with the flat renovation that we have completed in Passeig Fabra i Puig in Barcelona. The change is very noticeable and now it has everything you need to offer the best performance.

The owners wanted a functional home in line with current trends. We are in charge of a flat renovation project in Barcelona according to these premises. Thanks to our ability to adapt, we have managed to give this house a modern look and equipment.

The change from before and after can be seen in the following video that we share on our social networks. If you want to know more, follow us and learn about all our projects. We update our content daily with the flat renovations that we are finishing both in Barcelona and nearby.

Modern interior design

One of the first improvements in this flat renovation in Barcelona is the interior image. We have been responsible for modernizing the design of all living spaces and adapting them to new trends. In general, we have applied a contemporary interior design with neutral tones.

We have applied a homogeneous image with painting work and installation of new doors and plinths. In this sense we have painted the walls white and in some cases also beige. The living room area is a good example of this combination of colors that generate bright and spacious spaces.

This modern image is accompanied by a new ceramic floor with a wooden finish. The original stoneware floor has been replaced by a pavement that brings warmth. An essential detail in a modern home that enhances well-being in spaces such as the living room or bedrooms.

New kitchen

One of the spaces in a home that must be always up to date is the kitchen. In this flat renovation, it is kept in its original location, as it offers great functionality. We have taken care of changing all the kitchen furniture for more modern ones and according to the new image of the floor.

We have also installed the new appliances that are located on the far right. They are composed of a refrigerator, an oven, a microwave and, at the other end, a washing machine. The worktop expands and offers a large support and work surface. In turn, it is equipped with a three-burner kitchen and a single-bowl sink.

Both the lower part and the upper part have drawers and cupboards for storage. In this way, all the kitchen elements can be stored easily and there is no rest space on the worktop. The kitchen renovation is presented with a neutral design in white tones and wood finishes.

Functional bathroom

The bathroom is also kept in its original location, although with a totally improved image and equipment. Now it has a modern image like the rest of the house and functional sanitary pieces. With this bathroom renovation, you are ready to offer the best performance from day one.

Now this toilet space has a floating toilet with storage capacity in its lower part. Next to it we have installed a floating toilet with the cistern hidden in the wall. It is a sanitary ware with a modern image that brings visual space to the room. Lastly, we have placed a shower tray protected by sliding door screens.

The design of this bathroom renovation follows the general design of the rest of the apartment. We have tiled the walls with beige and mosaic tiles in the shower. We have also taken care of replacing the floor with resistant gray tiles. The new elements of this bathroom offer easy maintenance.

Flat renovation in Barcelona

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