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Before and After: home renovation in Barcelona

A few days ago we presented the result of a home renovation in Paris Street in Barcelona. This time we will compare the before and after this home renovation. It has been a complete work in which both the interior design of all its spaces and the equipment of rooms such as the kitchen and the bathroom have been improved.

In addition to renovating and modernizing every element of housing in this home renovation, several rooms have also been redistributed. In the following video we show the change that has been made globally. You can see more before and after home renovations on our Youtube channel and other social networks.

Kitchen renovation

The kitchen is one of the most sought after rooms for renovation. This time not only has it been renovated but it has been relocated. After the home renovation, the kitchen is located in what was once a bedroom and has worked on a concept of open kitchen. Now the kitchen is distributed in a U-shape and has appliances to offer the best features.

Another improvement in this kitchen renovation is the expansion of storage capacity. Drawers and cabinets have been placed along the bottom and top of the worktops. In this way the kitchen space has been optimized to the maximum and can be easily organized. As for its new image, it has been chosen to combine the white color in the lower furniture and the wood finishes in the upper. These are divided by black countertops that fit perfectly into the overall image.

Bathroom renovation

In this home renovation in Barcelona, the image and equipment of the bathroom have also been completely renewed. An old-fashioned and very cozy image has come to look old-fashioned. The brown tiles on the wall have been replaced by beige tiles that generate more brightness and spaciousness.

Three-piece sanitary equipment has been maintained, although it now guarantees the best performance in its use. From a standing washbasin it has been moved to a floating washbasin with built-in storage cabinet. The old toilet has been replaced by one with a hidden cistern, further expanding the visual space. The shower tray has been replaced by a larger and more stylized one. Enclosures with sliding door partitions have also been installed.

New interior design

This home renovation work has also led to an incredible improvement in the image of housing. A contemporary style interior design has been used and the walls have been painted beige. In this way the natural light coming from the outside expands to each corner generating a pleasant and welcoming atmosphere.

Features also enhanced by the new white doors, as well as the sockets and window frames. The old tile floor has been replaced by an imitation parquet ceramic floor that provides a lot of warmth. Now the livingroom and bedrooms are presented as perfect spaces to live in the home.

Home renovation in Barcelona

As can be seen in Grupo Inventia, we work on each home renovation in a personalized way. We offer the best solutions to the needs of each client and we adapt to all styles and budgets. We always offer the best value for money on the market and guarantee the best result. You can request your project by calling 93 209 97 17 or filling out this contact form.