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Before and after: home renovation in Galileu street

One of our most recent renovations takes us to Galileu street in Barcelona. We have been responsible for completely renovating this house, including a redistribution of spaces. All accompanied by a personalized interior design project and a total improvement of the facilities.

Thanks to our versatility we have been able to adapt to the needs of the owners and offer the best options. In this way, we have been in charge of enabling this flat for current needs and providing its spaces with a high level of functionality. This home renovation in Barcelona has turned a simple house into a real home.

The current image and equipment is very different from the original and conveys a greater sense of well-being. The spaces of this home have been prepared both for moments of rest and for socializing. The change that has been assumed before and after we will explain it in the following video.

Contemporary design

For the new image of this house, a contemporary interior design has been chosen. With this we have modernized the image and also made it more homogeneous. Before the home renovation, each space was decorated differently. Thanks to the work of our interior designers in Barcelona, ​​we have printed a uniform interior design.

The walls have been painted white and in this way more is taken advantage of the natural light. It is a perfect shade so that the light reaches all the corners in a fluid way. It is also accompanied by the new plinths and doors, which are also white. In this way, a cozy and warm atmosphere has been achieved in spaces such as the living room and the bedrooms.

Another detail of the new interior design can be found in the pavement. The original surface has been replaced by a parquet floor in light wood tones. In this way, a finish is applied in accordance with the contemporary image that we have thought of. At a practical level, it is a very resistant and durable type of soil.

Open kitchen

In a home renovation, the kitchen has a specific weight. It is one of the most important spaces in a home and we are specialists in its renovation. This time it has not only improved, but also changed its location. The kitchen has gone from being in an independent space to an open area.

An L-shaped kitchen layout has been used to provide it with high functionality. Now each element is located in the best possible place. The main worktop is elongated and equipped with a sink and a ceramic hob. Both the lower and upper parts have cupboards and drawers for storage.

In fact, the oven and the microwave respectively have been integrated there. On the right side, a custom-made hole has been left to place the refrigerator. All of this is organized through white kitchen furniture that contributes to presenting a bright and spacious space. Another detail of the kitchen renovation is that a gray stoneware floor has been installed.

New bathrooms

In our renovation company we have a varied catalog of items for all types of bathroom renovations. We have not been in charge of improving the main bathroom and the toilet. These are two hygiene spaces that complement each other perfectly both on a daily basis and in more relaxed moments.

The main bathroom now has a toilet with storage furniture, a pair of toilet and bidet and a water area. For the latter, a shower tray protected by sliding door screens has been installed. As for the toilet, it has a toilet with storage furniture and a toilet.

The image of the bathroom areas is very similar to that of the rest of the house. Neutral colors have been used to create fresh and cozy environments. In the bathroom we have tiled the walls with beige tiles, while for the toilet we have used white tiles.

Home renovation budget

At Grupo Inventia we develop a home renovation project that meets your needs and fits your budget. Call us on 93 209 97 17 and order without any commitment. In less than a week we will have it ready and deliver it to you.